Sony reveals Access controller release date and pricing

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On the PlayStation Blog, Sony has finally revealed a release date for the Access controller for PS5. They have also shared pricing, and what buyers will receive in the box. Along with the news a feature trailer was released, and the product page for the Access controller is live with the latest information.

Global release on December 6

Lets get the big news out of the way first, the Access controller will release globally on December 6, in time for the holiday season! Pre-orders will start soon though, next week on July 21. The suggested retail price suggests it will be a bit cheaper than Xbox’s venerable Adaptive Controller (XAC).

  • United States: $89.99
  • Canada: $119.99
  • Europe: €89.99
  • United Kingdom: £79.99
  • Japan: ¥12,980
Watch Access Controller - Features Trailer | PS5 on YouTube

What’s in the box?

Along with the release date and pricing, we also learn what will be included with the Access controller, and some additional specs. At 141mm wide and 191 mm long it has a smaller footprint than the XAC, and also weighs quite a bit less at 322 grams against 552 grams.

Diagram of the Access controller for PS5, with the included button and stick caps, button cap tags, and USB cable.

In terms of buttons, we now learn the controller ships with the following button caps:

  • one wide flat button cap, which covers two button sockets
  • two overhang button caps, which are positioned closer to the center to benefit players with smaller hands
  • four curve button caps, which can be pushed or pulled depending on their placement
  • four flat button caps
  • and eight pillow button caps with a more rounded top

To mark the mapped action of a button, the kit includes 23 button cap tags. For the stick, the kit includes a standard stick cap as well as a larger domed stick cap and an even larger ball stick cap. A USB-C cable is also included.

We have been eagerly awaiting news about the release of the Access controller (formerly known as Project Leonardo). While we do still have to have a little patience, it’s great to see it will release this year for what looks to be a reasonable price.

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