About Can I Play That?

Since our inception in November 2018 (Founded by Susan Banks and Courtney Craven), Can I Play that? (CIPT) has grown from a hobby site to a destination for players and developers alike that provides all forms of accessibility information on video games and the industry. Reviews, news stories, and features at CIPT exclusively report on the ever-growing presence and adoption of accessibility features within the gaming industry. Our work has been read and shared internally at studios around the world, such as Xbox, PlayStation, Ubisoft, Square Enix, and countless others, with support from Xbox and PlayStation executives, Phil Spencer and Hermen Hulst.

Can I Play That? works to share stories that influence game updates, inform disabled players, educate and entertain players and developers, and provide a voice for one of the largest player bases in the industry.

We have also developed professional workshops that tackle topics such as diversity, equity, and inclusion, and accessible community management. These workshops are available for studios to book, and we have already worked with Xbox, Ubisoft, Splash Damage, Square Enix, Creative Assembly, and more are to come as we expand our offerings

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