Reviewing Guide

This guide is designed to help you review games. Please refer to it for all reviews and adhere to these guidelines to ensure review consistency.

All scores are between 0 and 10, in 0.5 increments.

If any of these categories don’t apply, please indicate that with an N/A in your score list or simply provide scored just for the categories you found relevant.

Deaf/hoh Criteria

CriteriaDefinitionScoring 0-10
Visual Representation of DialogueSubtitles and everything pertaining to them. Legibility, size options, speaker labels, etc.0 – Having no subtitles or anything associated with them. 

10 – Having full subtitle options not just in size but in surrounding annotations.
Visual Representation of SoundCaptioning or sound subtitles (e.g. the sound subtitles in Far Cry New Dawn) and visual indication of important sounds.0 – Having no sound representation at all. 

10 – having captivating descriptions of sound .
Visual CuesQuest markers, tool tips, outlines or highlights around collectible objects, etc.0 – Having no visual representation of collectibles quest markers or any highlights.

10 – having all important information represented and easily distinguishable
Controller VibrationHow helpful and appropriate the controller vibrations are pertaining to sound or indication of something essential to gameplay.

0 – Useless or pointless controller vibrations.

10 – Punctuated use of controller vibration. Distinct and distinguishable.
Visually Engaging How interesting the game is for those playing without sound (i.e. is it too reliant on sound/music to set the mood?)0 – Not engaging at all.

10 – Fully engaged.
Player CommunicationFor multiplayer games only, how accessible player chat is.0 – Not accessible at all / unusable.

10 – Options for communicating in chat. A Fully accessible experience.
Review summary/overall opinion

Overall score
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Mobility/Motor Accessibility

Criteria DefinitionScoring 0-10
Keyboard and MouseHow well the game plays using keyboard and mouse. Includes sensitivity options, aim assists. How hard it is to perform actions both during gameplay and in menus. 0 – Having nonexistent or dysfunctional keyboard and mouse settings
10 – Being a breeze to navigate and aim. Provided with the most accessible way of navigating things if required.
Gamepad ControlsHow well the game plays using a gamepad. Includes sensitivity options, aim assists, alternative button schemes, vibration adjustment. How hard it is to perform actions both during gameplay and in menus. 0 – Unplayable on a gamepad and has no options to customize anything. 

10 – A breeze to navigate and aim comes with a lot of options to customize things as you wish.
Remappable ControlsIf you can remap buttons, keys, mouse buttons. Allowing secondary keys for actions and a combination of multiple keys/buttons for an action. 0 – Having no remappable options.

10 – Having all options programmable. 
QTE AccessibilityOptions to partially/fully skip QTEs or use hold instead of smashing a key. 0 – Having no options to address QTE’s.

10 – Having options and/or customization options.
Hold/Toggle OptionsHold/Toggle switches for aiming, running, walking, stealth, zooming… Having reasonable hold down times0 – Having no options to either toggle or hold.
10 – Having options to toggle and/or customization options.
3rd Party Software/Hardware Support
If the game allows the use of hardware assists like Eye Trackers and compatibility with software like Autohotkey to create macros or remapping of keys/buttons. Some games don’t allow software like Autohotkey and thus make it impossible for many people play, risking even an account ban due to poor anti-cheating solutions.0 – Has no support for 3rd party software or hardware.

10 – Supports all known software solutions and is well documented.
Necessity of Stick Clicks on ControllerThis category is scored higher if it is unnecessary. Are stick clicks required for core gameplay or character abilities?0 – Yes, stick clicks are required to play or move through the world.

10 – No, stick clicks are not important to core gameplay/movement or players can choose to ignore them.
Overall EaseDespite the plethora of accessible options that many titles offer, individuals may still struggle when attempting to perform precise movements. Overall ease examines a game’s focus on reaction-timing and precision when executing actions.0 – Individuals with poor reaction-timing or an inability to perform precise movements will always be at a disadvantage.
10 – Disabled players need not worry about quick movements.
Review summary/overall opinion

Overall score
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Blind and Low Vision Criteria

Visual CharacteristicsThis is the broadest category and generally contrast, lighting, movement tracking, and clutter.0 – Being unplayably dark or cluttered.

10 – Having the visuals not get in the way of playing the game.
Accessibility FeaturesThis category includes any features that primarily target disabled players but do not make the game easier, such as invert colors, large print, or subtitles.0 – No accessibility features and no other features that can serve in the place of accessibility features. No effort or thought.

10 – Every accessibility feature you need to play the game comfortably.
Assist ModesThis category includes features designed to help less-able players make the game easier. These do not need to be targeted at disabled players.0 – No assist mode or similar functions.

10 – Assist features that ensure a player with little skill can complete the game without dying more than a couple times.
Non Visual CuesThis category addresses use of controller vibration and sound effects. And smell-o-vision or whatever other things the industry develops.0 – No non-visual cues at all.

10 – Creative, innovative, and functional cues to help you catch visual things you miss
Decent FontsThis category includes font sizes, readability, color, background, etc.0 – Unreadable fonts.

10 – Fonts that are easy and comfortable for you to read, or as easy as they can be.
Necessity of TextThis category is scored higher if the text is unnecessary. The game can be very accessible even with necessary text, but it’s something that visually impaired folks will want to know about.0 – The text must be read in excruciating detail to be able to play the game.

10 – There is no text beyond the most basic menu functions.
Handheld Play FunctionalityThis category can be omitted for console-only games. This category is mostly for Switch games that may have much better controls or visuals in docked mode or handheld mode.0 – This game is unplayable in handheld mode.

10 – This game gives you the same experience with controls and visuals in handheld or docked mode.
Level of Precision RequiredThis category can also be thought of level of forgiveness. This can include things like the size of hit boxes and how much you’re punished for missing a jump or shot.0 – This game requires accurate and perfectly timed actions as a core mechanic. If you make a mistake, you have to replay a long section to get back to it.

10 – This game gives you plenty of time and space to move and lets you attempt it as many times as you need without having to replay anything.
Controls and Depth PerceptionThis category may need to be split into two categories, but I find these two work together a lot in 3D games. The screen is a 2D surface and must figure out how to represent depth perception, which can be difficult for people who already may struggle with it.0 – The camera is terrible. The controls are not intuitive or remappable.

10 – Depth perception is simple, such as utilizing a good camera, and the controls are simple and customizable.
Overall and Miscellaneous Thoughts  
Recommendations for Visual Skills Needed to EnjoyIf you feel comfortable, a general ballpark of visual acuity is helpful. This category may also include specific skills needed like tracking, object recognition, good peripheral vision, etc. Give thought to what would be needed to enjoy the game, not necessarily be perfect at the game. 

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