Meet the Staff

Meet the staff! These are the people working hard to make sure Can I Play That? is the best resource for you when you need to know if a game is accessible for you.

Courtney Craven

Courtney, wearing a purple CIPT t-shirt, hair in a rainbow colored mohawk, with their dog, Tali, beside them.

In 2014, I co-founded a deaf accessibility video game review site and in 2018, four years of hard work became Can I Play That?

I am the editor-in-chief for Can I Play That?, a captioner, and an accessibility consultant in the video games industry.

Four years of rating and reviewing video games and being part of the #a11y community has allowed accessibility and how essential it is that we do our best to ensure all people have equal access on the web, in games, and out in the world, to become the center of my life, both personally and professionally.

I’m also a fiction writer, I have a BA in sociology, an MA in English, and an MFA in fiction writing. I use none of these degrees in my captioning work for Epic Games but hey, at least I learned cool stuff, right? I talk about video games, my dog Tali, and accessibility/inclusion a lot on Twitter.

Steve Saylor

Steve Saylor wearing a VR headset looking off in the distance with excitement

Steve Saylor is the Media Editor for Can I Play That?  He has been a content creator for over 15 years from Podcasts to YouTuber. He is also a Toronto-based podcaster, radio host, Blind Gamer, Streamer, Graphic Designer, Content Creator and College Professor all while being blind! 

Starting in 2015, his entertaining YouTube series “Blind Gamer” fused humour with his passion for playing video games. In just a few short years he is considered a thought leader on accessibility in gaming and an advocate for developers to push video game accessibility forward. Steve is the top Blind Gamer in Canada, is a Canadian Game Award Nominee for Content Creator and has worked with prominent clients in the video game industry.

Also he is very proud of the fact that William Shatner, aka Captain James T. Kirk, says “Steve’s wonderful.”

Christy Smith

Christy and her dog, playing on the grass

Christy is the Family Games Editor for Can I Play That? She focuses on games rated E and E10+ released on the Switch. She brings experience in cross-disability organizing, media studies, political advocacy, and interabled family dynamics. One of Christy’s goals is to make gaming more accessible for busy adults, intergenerational audiences, and audiences with content sensitivities.

Besides gaming, Christy’s hobbies include pointe ballet, gymnastics, and ice skating. She reads way too much fanfiction and is usually in the middle of an information binge about some topic like content monetization practices or polymer clay sculpture making. Her decorating tastes could be best described as “hot rainbow,” and she would much rather mop all of the floors and do all of the vacuuming instead of cleaning the sink. Sinks are disgusting.

Christy holds a BA in Homeland Security and Gender Studies (known affectionately as a Safe Sex major) from Tulane University and is working to complete her MPS in Homeland Security, also from Tulane.

Ben Bayliss

Ben is the Deaf editor at Can I Play That? and has been doing video games journalism for around 6 years. He started using his platforms across different outlets (DualShockers,, TechRadar, TheGamer, and more) to raise awareness of the importance of video game accessibility. Be that through reporting on the latest accessibility-focused news, highlighting industry achievements or downfalls, sharing opinions, and sharing the experiences of not only disabled players but the developers behind the games as well.

Marijn (ActiveB1t)

A black and white photo of Marijn

Marijn is responsible for website operations at Can I Play That? The most important aspect of this is making sure the content is accessible. A full-stack web developer by profession, he is comfortable working on both the styling and the code of the website. He also advises the other staff members where content and accessibility overlap.

Susan Banks

A black and white photo of Susan

While she passed away unexpectedly in March 2019, Can I Play That? would not exist without Susan’s passion for community building and dedication to ensuring games are inclusive and accessible.

In 2014, after the massive disappointment of playing Destiny and being forced to call it quits 20 minutes into the game due to poor deaf/hoh accessibility, Susan started tweeting about game accessibility. When the tweets found an audience among people in similar situations, our site,, was born and from there, things only got better.

She was known throughout the industry and her death rattled the community but also instilled in us the drive to continue her work and hope that we can do so with the same passion.

Can I Play That? is the home of all things game accessibility and has set the standard for game accessibility writing and reviews because she did what she loved so well.