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Meet the staff! These are the people currently working hard to make sure Can I Play That? is the best resource for you when you need to know if a game is accessible for you.


At the end of his internship with GameInformer magazine, Josh Straub graduated from Southwest Minnesota State University with a degree in creative writing and history. His earliest gaming memories are of looking over his father’s shoulder while he played Warcraft 2. While these experiences gave him a deep appreciation for the RTS genre, Josh seeks to play games across all genres and platforms due to his interest in game accessibility for the disabled. This interest stems from too many experiences in which he has hurled his controller across the room after finding out that a game was inaccessible due to his Cerebral Palsy. Because of his wide exposure and interest in games, Josh appreciates the story of a game more than any other element, especially because the stories of the games of his childhood provided him with an invaluable sense of escape from his disability.

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Marijn is responsible for website operations at Can I Play That? The most important aspect of this is making sure the content is accessible. A full-stack web developer by profession, he is comfortable working on both the styling and the code of the website. He also advises the other staff members where content and accessibility overlap.

Of course we also have many excellent current and past contributors that are simply too many to mention on one page.

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