Microsoft published user guides for the Xbox Adaptive Controller

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Microsoft has published a series of guides about the Xbox Adaptive Controller. Each of these guides includes a video of about 10 minutes, describing specific aspects and functions of the XAC. In addition to a link to the videos, the guides’ pages include Q&A sections covering the topics of the guide. Where it applies, links are available to more in depth guides as well.

Watch Xbox Adaptive Controller User Guide: Getting Started on YouTube
The first video in the series of guides about the Xbox Adaptive Controller

All videos are presented by Kaitlyn Jones, a program manager on the Xbox Gaming Accessibility Team. In the first video she is joined by Bryce Johnson. Johnson is one of the co-inventors of the Xbox Adaptive Controller and co-founder of the Inclusive Tech Lab. Together they go over the basics of the controller and how to set it up. Later she is joined by Giulia Elli, a user researcher for Xbox Research. Elli has one fully functional hand, while her left hand only has a semi-function thumb. This provides an opportunity for a hands-on demonstration of a setup using a button and co-pilot to brake in Forza.

In depth hardware and software guides

For the remaining guides Adam Kosakowski, also a program manager on the Xbox Accessibility Gaming Team, joins Dr. Jones. These guides describe certain aspects of the Xbox Adaptive Controller in more detail. The first focuses on the hardware, explaining which buttons are available and what to keep in mind when buying. The second video continues on the hardware aspects, going into similar detail about joysticks.

The last two videos have them demonstrate the software side of the controller. Using the Xbox Accessories App they show how remapping and profiles work. The final video demonstrates a few more advanced options such as action remapping and sensitivity curve adjustments.

A list of the guides is available on the Controllers and other inputs page of the Xbox accessible gaming website. For your convenience I’ll list them here as well.

The guides are sure to be helpful for those struggling to get a controller setup. Even experienced users might find the videos and guides useful as quick refresher course.

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