The Access controller previously known as Leonardo

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On the PlayStation Blog Sony has announced the real name of their adaptive controller: Access controller. The Access controller for PS5 was announced previously under the name Project Leonardo. With this announcement, Sony has also shared more details about the hardware and UI. Alongside the new details about the controller, PlayStation shared a video about their ongoing accessibility efforts.

Watch PlayStation Accessibility | PS5 on YouTube
Video showcasing the ongoing accessibility efforts at PlayStation

Mounting options for the Access controller

The underside of an Access controller, showing mounting options for tripods and AMPS mounts.

On the hardware side there is not much news. We do learn that it is possible to attach the controller to tripod and AMPS mounts. Having several mounting options is useful, as many adaptive gaming setups need ways to bring the controllers within comfortable reach of the player.

Button mapping, profiles and toggle mode

All the more interesting are the details about the UI. Aside from the button mapping and preferred orientation you might expect, players can also map two inputs to one button. players can save their settings different profiles, making it easier to change between them for different games or genres.

Menu with Button Assignments, Change Orientation, and Stick Sensitivity/Deadzone. A graphic showing the Access controller with its current button mapping is shown on the right.

Players can use up to two Access controllers and a single DualSense (or DualSense Edge) together as a single virtual controller. Deadzones and sensitivity are adjustable like they are on the DualSense Edge controller.

A PlayStation 5 screen showing 2 access controllers and a DualSense controller can be used together.

Toggle mode on the Access controller allows players to adjust the behavior of any button to work like a toggle. This will keep the button pressed, without having to hold the button down. This brings this often used feature to all games.

The PlayStation Blog promises to have more details about the Access controller for PS5, including a release date, later this year. We are certainly very curious to know when we can get our hands on this promising controller.

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