Xbox shares Playbook for Accessible Gaming Events and controller updates

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Xbox has released a Playbook for Accessible Gaming Events, sharing Xbox’s experience with running accessible events. There are also pairing and remapping updates for Xbox controllers, and an update to Xbox Game Bar and the Xbox Store. A recent Xbox Wire article shared these updates, and more.

Playbook for Accessible Gaming Events

Xbox has made exemplary efforts at making their events and booths more accessible. Whether it’s events they organize themselves, or booths as events such as Gamescom. Now, to help others learn from their experience, Xbox published a new guide. This guide, called Playbook for Accessible Gaming Events, shares best practices learned from working with the Gaming & Disability Community at those events.

Designed for event production teams, these best practices aim to be a guideline as well as a catalyst for new ideas. The guide covers many aspects. From registration and venues, promotional content and demo stations, to presentations and even catering. A new Disability Etiquette Training Video on the MSFTEnable YouTube channel accompanies the release of the guide.

Xbox controller updates

Putting the Xbox in pairing mode is made easier. Instead of pushing the pair button, it’s possible to use an Xbox media remote, digital assistant voice command, or other paired controller to connect a new controller. The support article on connecting an Xbox wireless controller explains how you can use the Xbox Accessories App to connect a controller.

Remapping controller buttons to keyboard keys is coming to the Xbox Adaptive Controller and Elite Series 2. Using this functionality, players can map a controller input to a single key, or a combination of keys. We reported on this keyboard remapping feature in more detail before. We now learn the feature will be available to all players in the coming months.

Xbox Store and Xbox Game Bar updates

The accessibility section of the filters in the Xbox Store. Listed are several features under gameplay, audio, and visual.

The Xbox Store now has an Accessibility in Games channel, building on the Xbox Game Accessibility Feature Tags. As the number of games and tags has grown a lot, the new channel aims to make finding the right game easier. Players can filter and sort games based on gameplay, audio, visual, and input accessibility features.

Starting today on PC, the Game Accessibility settings menu will be available in widgets in the Xbox Game Bar. This follows the earlier update to the Xbox App, and will make it easier for players to find these settings.

Lastly, new knowledge checks are coming to the Xbox Ambassador Accessibility Explorer Path. Completing these checks will let ambassadors show of their accessibility knowledge with an ally badge on their profile.

The Xbox Wire article further highlights Craig Hospital’s Adaptive Gaming Program and their adaptive gaming resources. Craig Hospital is a neurorehabilitation and research hospital, which partnered with Xbox since the development of the Xbox Adaptive Controller. Additionally, notable recent releases and updates are mentioned as well. Such as Forza Motorsport, Sea of Thieves, and Age of Empires IV.

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