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Microsoft has introduced a new accessibility menu for the Xbox app on PC. The Xbox app accessibility settings menu serves as an easy to find location for all of the accessibility settings for the app itself. Beyond these settings it also provides shortcuts to relevant settings elsewhere on the system. Microsoft shared an animated Youtube video explaining the menu on their MSFTEnable Twitter and other social channels.

Watch Accessibility settings menu in Xbox app on PC on YouTube

Xbox app accessibility settings

In its current form, the Xbox app accessibility settings menu has two segments. The first is titled Audio and Visuals and contains four settings. Two of the settings previously existed in the app; Show themes on profiles, and Show video preview on hover. The newly added settings are; Disable background images and Disable animations. These options are all meant to provide a less distracting or overwhelming experience within the Xbox app on PC.

The video also references the Accessibility controls for Xbox on Windows page. That page explains where certain settings may have an effect. It does not seem to include the accessibility settings found in the new menu yet. But weirdly it references two accessibility settings that are available in the Cloud Gaming menu. I expect those to be moved to the new menu in the future, and the page to be updated soon.

More accessibility settings

Below the settings for the app itself, a segment follows with several shortcuts. This segment is titled More accessibility settings. Currently it contains 3 shortcuts, each complemented by a short description of the settings a user can expect to find. The first takes users to the Windows control center, for system-wide accessibility settings such as display size and color settings.

The second shortcut directs users to the Xbox accessories app where they can customize controller settings. If the app isn’t installed, then the shortcut opens the Microsoft Store where the user can install the app. The last shortcut takes players to the Xbox Game Bar to customize gameplay settings. It will automatically open the settings menu of this app, which is a nice touch.

Closing off the accessibility menu of the Xbox app on PC is a link to the Xbox Accessible gaming support page. That support page covers many accessibility topics for both Xbox and Windows. A great starting point for everyone looking to make their experience on Xbox more accessible.

As the number of accessibility options in games and apps increase, it becomes more difficult for players to find the options they need. A central accessibility menu like this, linking to other relevant settings on the system, is sure to make them easier to find. Especially when, perhaps in the future, the other interconnected menus and apps refer to each other as well.

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