PlayStation Store reveals Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 accessibility features

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The information on Sony’s PlayStation Store page for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 reveals several new accessibility features. This information was first spotted on ResetEra’s gaming forum, and reported by IGN. The information appears in the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) segment of the page. It is in response to a question about what accessibility gameplay features are available in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

The answer to the question states that the new game builds on the accessibility improvements of previous titles. This suggests players can expect the features already present in the previous Spider-Man games to return.

Screen reader, audio descriptions, and captions

For blind players several new features are available such as screen reader support. The screen reader reads out all on-screen text in the menus. Additionally audio descriptions are available for cinematic scenes, allowing blind players to understand what is happening beyond dialogue and sound effects.

Captions are also available for these cinematic scenes. Essential for players that are hard-of-hearing but useful to any player in a loud environment. Or those trying to keep noise down themselves, accessibility is helpful like that.

Slow down gameplay

A great new addition to the series is the ability to slow down the gameplay. Players can choose to slow down the speed to 70%, 50%, or even 30% of normal speed. Switching back to full speed is possible at any time. We’ve seen features to slow down the action in several games, such as Star Wars Jedi: Survivor earlier this year. The feature has proven invaluable for players struggling to keep up with the action in fast paced segments of these games.

These features Insomniac Games has added should allow even more players to play the game in this already accessible series. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 releases later this year on October 20, for PlayStation 5.

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