Redfall V1.1 update improves accessibility

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Yesterday Redfall update v1.1 released which includes bugfixes, addresses the balance in combat, and more. The update also includes changes and additions to improve the accessibility of Redfall.

Screen narration and audio

Screen narration settings now persist between game sessions. Narration expands to include support for invites and friend requests, joining multiplayer lobbies, and people leaving a lobby. It also supports several additional menus screens and the error message for “Invalid username or password”. When players ready up in the lobby, it updates the states of disabled elements.

On first launch the “Let Games Read to Me” option for Xbox Series consoles is enabled. The update also adds several missing audio cues for headers in the Friends List, and the “Play Game” button.

Included in the patch are some missing subtitles, and adjustments to the timing of others makes sure they display in the correct order. It also improves text contrast for ping text, multiplayer progression headers, and hero names. Additionally there are some adjustments to text size for Bethesda icons.

Controls and error messaging

Players can now remap left and right movement to the left and right arrow keys. Players with existing saves will need to reset their bindings to default before attempting this. Opening the Text-To-Speech field no longer locks the controls. Additionally, a bug that caused some UI elements to lose cursor focus is fixed.

The update adds several additional error messages for when the controller disconnects, a player de-selects ready after the host launched the game, and when cancelling friend requests. When reporting a player, the field “Optional details” is no longer required, which makes reporting easier for those struggling with text input.

Read the complete patch notes for all the changes in this Redfall update aside from the accessibility mentioned above. Arkane thanks its players for playing, sharing, and giving feedback. After a disappointing launch for many, it is good to see this continued commitment to supporting and improving the game for all players.

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