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Rebellion has published a dedicated accessibility page on their website. Rebellion is one of the first UK studios with an in-house accessibility role. As Senior Accessibility Designer, Cari Watterton has made a huge impact in one year, working together with the teams across Rebellion. These accessibility page is just one of the initiatives, and a welcome one at that.

The page contains a short explanation about accessibility and who benefits from it. It follows with Rebellion’s accessibility statement, detailing what they do and their intent to continue investing in providing accessible experiences.

The page continues with a list of accessibility news items and links to several game specific accessibility pages. Below that is information and links to several points of contact, in case players encounter accessibility issues.

Dedicated game accessibility pages

For several games there are new or improved accessibility pages. Sniper Elite 5 has had a dedicated page for a while, but it is now joined by Zombie Army 4: Dead War, and Evil Genius 2: World Domination. It is nice to see each of these pages follows a similar format. This consistency makes them easier to use.

Each page has the information divided in segments if they apply to the game. Sniper Elite 5 for example has the following segments:

  • Accessibility Overview
  • Game
  • Controls
  • Display
  • Audio
  • Accessibility
  • HUD
  • Difficulty Customisation

Each of these segments details the options and features available, with an explanation and often with screenshots as well. The consistency across pages is a great help to keep the content accessible, even though some segments cover a lot of features. Ironically an abundance of settings is why some menus pose an accessibility issue themselves.

These pages seem to provide a solid framework for Rebellion to build on in their efforts to provide quality accessibility resources. The inclusion of news and games makes the main accessibility page an easy one stop shop for all things accessibility from Rebellion.

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