Far Cry 6 Accessibility Features Have Been Officially Revealed

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The accessibility features heading to Far Cry 6 at launch has been confirmed months in advance.

Following hot off the heels of the gameplay information we saw for Far Cry 6, Ubisoft has also shared with us the accessibility features we can expect to see at launch. The studio has also detailed that Far Cry 6 will offer “players the most versatile and comprehensive options available in the franchise to date.”

I’ll highlight a few features from each part of the press release and if you want a more extensive look at what’s available, you can check out the Ubisoft blog post.

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First Boot

Ubisoft said that when players jump into Far Cry 6 they’ll be “greeted with the most extensive set of options seen in a Far Cry game.” However, the studio noted that it’s made efforts to organize these features as the press release said: “The team wants to introduce more presets than any other Ubisoft game,” and so many options will also be grouped together.

When players first boot the game, they’ll be presented with some features, with more being available through the main options. Menu narration will use the system narrator and players can switch between installed languages. There are also presets available from the boot screen for motion, color, cognitive, motor, hearing, and vision.

Ivan Kulbych, lead game designer at Ubisoft Kyiv said “Everyone has different gaming habits, needs, and preferences, but not everyone wants to spend a lot of time in game options.”

Far Cry 6 accessibility shredder gun

Players will be able to either turn presets off, or go in and adjust them as they wish. From the first boot menu, players can also adjust the brightness and HDR settings, adjust audio volume and language, toggle subtitles and their sizes, and enable sound subtitles with directional indicators. Enemies and items can have outlines applied, UI and fonts can be scaled, motion effects (such as being drunk or poisoned) can be toggled, and controls can be adjusted such as toggles, holds, repeated presses, inverted controls, and aiming and sprinting configuration.

All the features in the first boot menu also come with example images where needed so players can see how the different options will affect the game.


For controls, PC and consoles will have extensive controller remapping for different methods of gameplay, minigames, and menu navigation. There will be left-handed controls, one-handed layouts, no presses modes, and a holdless mode. Menu navigation can be done with either a free cursor or directional inputs that snap. There are also options for driving, such as an aim assist or auto-steering while the player shoots.

Far Cry 6 will feature 2 difficulty modes, a Story Mode and an Action Mode. QTE’s can be replaced with a single press, and a gamepad aim lock will follow enemies when locked on. Motion blurring can be turned off as can camera shake and full-screen effects as mentioned above.

Far Cry 6 accessibility Juan and Dani

Online Co-op

For online co-op and controls, a chat wheel is present. In our interview with Douglas Gregory it was confirmed that the commands for this wheel are generic, so don’t go expecting something on the same level as Apex Legends. Additionally, voice communication is available and will also support speech-to-text but not text-to-speech.

HUD, UI, and Narrator

Ubisoft notes that the UI and fonts can be scaled as well as HUD color customization. The HUD can also be customized to include or exclude on-screen information indicators such as objectives, the aiming reticle, minimap, rank, and more.

Voice-Over can be enabled at any time by pressing the Right Stick and will narrate every UI element the cursor hovers over. There are also options to adjust the narrator’s speed, volume, and voice.

Far Cry 6 accessibility resolver

Subtitles, graphics, and Tobii

As for subtitles, these will come with a background if enabled, speaker labels, sound captions like we saw in Watch Dogs Legion, and “sound barks” which seem to be all speech from the player character being subtitled or just the important lines.

Player’s will also be able to adjust the field of view and apply a frame rate lock. There’s also support for Tobii eye-tracking along with numerous options for tracking.

Far Cry 6 is set to launch later this year on October 7 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC, Google Stadia, and Amazon Luna.

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