German Games Funding to require applicants to explain plans for accessibility

Ben Bayliss1 minute read

The Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) now requires studios looking for German Games Funding to disclose how they will include accessibility in their games.

The Ministry of Transport has launched a new appeal for video game funding in Germany of which this second call for applicants will require explanations of how a studio’s planned game will be accessible (via: gameswirtschaft (Thanks, Ian Hamilton)). The pilot phase of the Federal computer game funding reportedly saw “230 small and medium-sized games” and “more than 100 applications for large projects have been approved since September 2020.”

The BMVI published a new PDF which is in German, but using a translator through the gameswirtschaft post shows a section detailing that “Among other things, the issue of accessibility is new: In future, the studios will have to explain in their applications how they will ensure that the funded game can be played by as many people as possible – for example, through adjustable keyboard layout, optional subtitles, reduced level of difficulty or simplified operation for handicapped players.”

As someone with experience in games in the early development stages, accessibility is often an overlooked aspect when pitching decks for funding or publishing deals. Hopefully, this new appeal will encourage studios to keep accessibility in mind and the idea behind its inclusion being utilized elsewhere in other funding schemes and more.

The new appeal for accessibility applies to all projects that are submitted for German Games Funding from December 2021 with there being “sufficient funds available”.

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