Accessible Community Management

In this workshop, you will learn from Stacey Jenkins and Courtney Craven how to ensure your content, social media, and forums are accessible to and inclusive of all members of your community. This workshop is designed for anyone working with a community of gamers or fans, from community managers at game studios, to streamers, to solo devs who wear many hats. From accessible memes to inclusive PR and marketing, you will come away with everything you need to ensure no one is alienated by your great content.

In the workshop we will cover:

  • Clear and simple writing
  • The various ways people might be interacting with your content (keyboard navigation, screen readers, etc)
  • How to write functional alt text and where to find it on all popular platforms
  • Subtitles, captions, and transcripts, including an overview of how to create them and handy tools to facilitate that
  • How to avoid seizure triggers in videos and GIFs
  • How to make accessible memes
  • Inclusive language
  • And a checklist of things to ensure you’ve done before posting

Where, When, and How?

  • Workshops will be held on Zoom with English captions available.
  • We will teach groups of 6 to 12. Groups may be from the same company or many people from various companies.
  • Each workshop will be 1.5 to 2 hours long with plenty of time for questions or further explanation/examples if desired.
  • The cost is $200 per person.

Questions? Ready to schedule a workshop for your company or sign up as an individual? Email

About Stacey and Courtney

Stacey Jenkins

Stacey Jenkins (She/They)

Stacey is a content creator and games accessibility advocate with 8 years of social media experience as an online personality and community leader. As a disabled gamer, they bring an understanding of the barriers that gamers face trying to interact with content online and a wealth of experience in making content accessible to the widest audience possible. Stacey has spoken on panels all over the world on diversity and inclusion, life as a disabled streamer and accessibility in gaming. Stacey is a Certified Accessible Player Experiences Practitioner (AbleGamers), with a qualification in Creating Accessible Interfaces from the University of the Arts London and a degree in Mathematics and Statistics. You can find Stacey on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Courtney Craven and Tali

Courtney Craven (They/Them)

Courtney has taught accessible content creation for the past four years, to everyone from bestselling authors to community managers. With years of community management and content creation experience, they excel at finding unique ways to remove barriers and enjoy coming up with novel ways to use new apps and services to make life online more inclusive. They have taught workshops on accessible content creation in many industries and their work in this area has been featured across multiple outlets around the world. You can find Courtney on Twitter, LinkedIn, and their personal site.

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