Mobility Game Review – Wolfenstein: Youngblood

The new Wolfenstein series probably needs no presentation at this point but for those who want a fast description here it goes: the nazis won the war using advanced technology and the world is a nightmare that needs saving. No more story to avoid spoilers for those who haven’t played the 3 previous games. While […]

Can I Play That?9 minute read

Deaf Game Review – Wolfenstein: Youngblood

Good news, everybody! After 5 years and 3 games with subtitles that can only be referred to as an abomination, the folks behind the Wolfenstein series have finally come to understand that subtitles are actually supposed to serve a purpose. That’s right, not only are the subtitles in Wolfenstein: Youngblood not microscopic, they also now […]

Courtney Craven2 minute read

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