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  • What The Golf – Visually Impaired Review

    If you like golf, this game probably isn’t for you. But if you like wackiness, you just might be up for the zaniest game I’ve played in a long time.

    Christy Smith8 minute read
  • Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn — Visually Impaired Review

    Review copy provided courtesy of Square Enix By Kenneth Nida About me and my play style:   I’m legally blind after suffering several strokes. My peripheral vision is fine, but my central vision is like looking through a shimmering kaleidoscope. I’m unable to read text, and even if it is enlarged, I have to go letter […]

    Can I Play That?9 minute read
  • Gears Tactics – Accessibility Impressions

    In today’s video, Steve Saylor and Grant Stoner give their thoughts on the accessibility in Gears Tactics for Windows 10 on Xbox Game Pass. Steve and Grant discuss the Blind and Mobility accessibility, key remapping and the Narration feature built in to the game! If you have any questions or want to give your thoughts […]

    Steve Saylor1 minute read
  • Visually Impaired Review – Ring Fit Adventure

      Ring Fit Adventure is the successor to Wii Fit, and in many ways, it blows its predecessor out of the water. It is more immersive, more varied, and more intense. It’s been popular enough to sell out at various times around the world. It’s quarantine-approved, but can you play it if you’re visually impaired? […]

    Christy Smith9 minute read
  • Visually Impaired Review – Untitled Goose Game

    Have you ever wanted to be a horrible goose? Me neither. But here’s your chance. Untitled Goose Game is a game where you play as a goose that messes up everyone’s day. I have a lot of thoughts about this game because it does some really innovative things… and it also frustrates the tar out […]

    Christy Smith9 minute read
  • Visually Impaired Review – Food Truck Tycoon

    Food Truck Tycoon is a time management game. There are a lot of similar games. Diner Dash comes to mind. The same people who make it also have other versions with different asset skins. The goal is to serve customers their desired food in the exact combinations they request by matching the pictures the pop […]

    Christy Smith8 minute read
  • Jewel Fever 2 Visually Impaired Review

    If you want a Bejeweled clone on the Switch, here’s one. It’s a very simple match 3 game. There’s an endless mode or you can play levels where you have to match a certain number of each gem type or you can play for one minute and see how high you can score. That’s more […]

    Christy Smith6 minute read
  • Visually Impaired Review – Gris

    Gris occupies a space of gaming that has thoroughly captured my heart and imagination. The game has you playing as a character (who is normally gendered as female but it isn’t necessary) who has experienced some sort of trauma or tumultuous event. It isn’t specified. It is very open to interpretation. The art is gorgeous […]

    Christy Smith9 minute read
  • Visually Impaired Review – Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

    Become a Patron! Mariokart is…Mariokart. This is a wonderful entry point to gaming if you’ve got a little one or you haven’t tried much gaming before. For older and more seasoned folks, it’s a casual, fun, and social game to play that brings innocent delight to your gaming. Mariokart 8 Deluxe includes several different modes. […]

    Christy Smith9 minute read
  • Visually Impaired Game Review – Mini Metro

    Become a Patron! This review is discussing the Switch version of the game. The game is also available on Google Play, Steam, PlayStation Store, and the Apple app store.  Mini Metro is a very simple game that pops up metro “stations” of different shapes and asks you to draw metro lines to connect the stations. […]

    Christy Smith8 minute read
  • Visually Impaired Game Review – Super Mario Odyssey

    Super Mario Odyssey is a near-flawless revisit to classic 3D Mario. Its bright colors and innocent, but innovative, gameplay make it a very enticing game. But is it worth it if you’re visually impaired? I’ve thought up nine categories to help you decide if this is something you’re ready to invite into your life. About […]

    Christy Smith7 minute read

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