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  • PlayStation 5 – Accessibility Impressions

    With the new PS5 and the new Dualsense controller Sony is introducing players to a new set of hardware and software. With that comes a new set of accessibility challenges. Check out the video above where I look at what the PS5 has to offer, what it does well/not well, and the potential future of accessibility on Sony's next generation console.

    Steve Saylor1 minute read
  • Marvel’s Avengers Beta — Accessibility Impressions

    Marvel's Avengers from Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix held a beta, and Steve has jumped in to look at the accessibility options present.

    Steve Saylor1 minute read
  • Gears Tactics – Accessibility Impressions

    In today’s video, Steve Saylor and Grant Stoner give their thoughts on the accessibility in Gears Tactics for Windows 10 on Xbox Game Pass. Steve and Grant discuss the Blind and Mobility accessibility, key remapping and the Narration feature built in to the game! If you have any questions or want to give your thoughts […]

    Steve Saylor1 minute read
  • Blind Impressions with Steve Saylor – The Outer Worlds

    Welcome to our new feature, Blind Impressions with Steve Saylor! Blind Impressions is the show where Steve plays a game for the first time and looks at the settings and gives his first impressions of the accessibility in the game. In his first video appearing here on CIPT, Steve explores The Outer Worlds latest accessibility […]

    Steve Saylor0 minute read

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