Accessibility After Launch

With modern gaming, it is not only possible, but expected for titles to include accessibility features. Options to control text size, activate subtitles and even customize controls are commonplace for AAA and indie developers alike. Yet, the implementation of assistive mechanics is no easy task to perfect, and games still release without features that benefit […]

Grant Stoner4 minute read

Mobility Game Review – The Division 2

Review copy provided courtesy of Ubisoft. The Division 2 is a third person view exploration and cover-based shooter game by Ubisoft. It is a nice mix of RPG and shooter gameplay with optional co-op in both PvE and PvP zones. RPG elements include level progression by earning experience, character and gear stats, unlocking skills and […]

Can I Play That?10 minute read

Deaf Game Review – The Division 2

Review copy of The Division 2 and Expansion provided courtesy of Ubisoft. Review Updated 3/8/2020 “Washington D. C. is on the brink of collapse. Lawlessness and instability threaten our society, and rumors of a coup in the capitol are only amplifying the chaos.” Ubisoft Believe it or not, this isn’t a real headline. It’s the […]

Courtney Craven4 minute read

The Division 2 Private Beta – Mobility Review

The Division 2 is a third person view exploration and cover based shooter game by Ubisoft coming out on March. It has a mix of RPG elements including weapon stats, skills and loot system. You can play alone or with other players. This sequel takes place in Washington and you even get to visit the […]

Can I Play That?9 minute read

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