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  • State of Decay 2 website expands with accessibility page

    The official website for State of Decay 2 has recently been expanded with an accessibility page. Not bad for a game released back in 2018!

    Marijn / ActiveB1t2 minute read
  • Accessible UE4 Games — Best practices in action

    This week, on International Day of Persons with Disabilities, Epic Games is hosting their first Inside Unreal episode dedicated to creating accessible experiences for disabled gamers in Unreal Engine 4. On the stream, you’ll learn how to use features within UE4 to build games that everyone can play but did you know that many UE4 […]

    Coty Craven6 minute read
  • Deaf Game Review – State of Decay 2

    The most important thing to know about State of Decay 2 is that it will definitely ruin the lives of any of the gamergate fanboys (the same ones that bitch about Battlefield 1 making them play as a black man for ONE story mission and that gave BattleTech terrible reviews because of the option to […]

    Can I Play That?5 minute read

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