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  • The Sims 4 receives vitiligo skin feature in free update

    The Sims 4 now allows players to add vitiligo skin patterns to their Sims, helping them feel represented when they have visible differences.

    Marijn / ActiveB1t2 minute read
  • Positive disability representation of recent weeks

    The last few weeks have seen several games adding or featuring elements with positive disability representation.

    Marijn / ActiveB1t2 minute read
  • Gaming with a Facial Difference

    Video games are a great escape from real life, but having a facial difference is something you don’t escape while gaming.

    Marijn / ActiveB1t5 minute read
  • Bleeding Edge Beta: Accessibility Win, Representation Failure

    Disabled players eager to get into Bleeding Edge, Ninja Theory’s latest title, are in for a wonderful surprise. The studio has been talking about their game’s accessibility and they should be. It’s phenomenal. I can’t recall a game that has even attempted to be this inclusive. Have a look: A wealth of options and something […]

    Coty Craven5 minute read
  • The Many Problems of The Quiet Man

    The producer of Square Enix’s newest release, The Quiet Man, Kensei Fujinaga, says that he believes if one video game can change a person’s mind, then video games can change the world. How interesting then, that his game, the first to the best of my knowledge to feature a deaf protagonist, takes every ridiculous and damaging […]

    Susan4 minute read

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