Hitman 3 — Can I Play That Accessibility Review

I have been doing accessibility reviews for long enough to see clear patterns in games. One of those is that in every new entry in a series, following industry trends, becomes more accessible than the last. This has been true of Gears of War, Assassin’s Creed, Uncharted, Tomb Raider, and so many more. So you […]

Courtney Craven5 minute read

Universal Design and Paper Mario

If Nintendo wants Paper Mario Origami King to be an accessibility success, it must leverage its history of universal design AND draw from other RPGs

Christy Smith4 minute read

Visually Impaired Review – Ring Fit Adventure

  Ring Fit Adventure is the successor to Wii Fit, and in many ways, it blows its predecessor out of the water. It is more immersive, more varied, and more intense. It’s been popular enough to sell out at various times around the world. It’s quarantine-approved, but can you play it if you’re visually impaired? […]

Christy Smith9 minute read

How I Play Visual Games While Visually Impaired

Hi y’all. I’m Christy, and I review Switch games for low vision accessibility. If you’re interested to know why I play on the Switch, please check out my Why I Play article. Today, I want to talk a little about how I use my Switch and specifically what gear and setup I use, though much […]

Christy Smith9 minute read

Blind/Low-Vision Review – New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe

Do you like Mario? Do you like games with obnoxious names? Here you go, my friend. This game is one of the top-selling Switch titles, but plenty of people complain that the game isn’t innovative enough when it comes to platforming design. However, you don’t sell six million units by accident. There has to be […]

Christy Smith8 minute read

Visually Impaired Review – Splatoon 2

If you’ve ever wanted a shooter that had more strategy than a normal shooter… If you’ve ever tried to play a shooter and needed better lighting and contrast… If you’ve ever needed to modify your weapons to focus only on things that you can do instead of things you can’t… Y’all, ya gotta try Splatoon […]

Christy Smith14 minute read

Accessibility Review – Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Overall Ratings Vision: 2 – can’t resize, portable mode has very small text. Docked mode depends on TV resolution. Executive processing (overall): 8.5  -there is pressure for time management, such as in games like Stardew Valley, Rune Factory, Persona/Shin Megami Tensei, or other games with in-game calendars and time-dependent events, but there are several ways […]

Katriel Paige4 minute read

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