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  • Psychosis, Life is Strange, and Becoming the Villain

    I have a bit of a reputation amongst the media studies professors on my campus as ‘that kid who won’t shut up about Life is Strange all the time.’ I’ve written multiple essays on the game, one of which I went on to present at a conference for undergraduate film students (despite not being a […]

    Jordan F7 minute read
  • Teen-Friendly Review Series – Life is Strange (2015)

    Editor’s Note: The Kid-Friendly Review Series is a bit different than our usual reviews in that they are all-encompassing instead of our usual focused reviews. Because of this, nothing will be scored, as we not comfortable rating features we don’t rely on. Instead, we will simply note potential problem areas and leave it for parents […]

    Ruth Cassidy9 minute read
  • Deaf Game Review – Life is Strange

    Life is Strange is, as far as we can tell, a game about the word “hella.” There are hella white kids, there’s hella teen angst, there’s even a girl that says “hella” while having a gun held to her abdomen. There are hella subtitle options. Even at their default size setting, the subtitles are hella […]

    Can I Play That?2 minute read

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