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  • What role does game difficulty play?

    On ‘developer’s vision’ Game difficulty is an accessibility issue. But often, when this point is raised, a common counterpoint is that many difficult games are intentionally difficult. An easier version of the game to play might be a fundamentally different play experience, as opposed to the developer’s vision. Making games more accessible to disabled players […]

    Ruth Cassidy5 minute read
  • What ‘Easy Mode’ Means For Disabled Players

    Game difficulty, particularly easy modes, frequently comes up in conversations about accessibility. There’s often confusion over how easy modes can specifically make games better for disabled players, in the absence of an obvious change attached to a discrete need like a colourblind mode.  Below, I lay out some common implementations of ‘easy modes’ and how […]

    Ruth Cassidy6 minute read
  • Final Fantasy VII Remake – Too Easy? Or Not Too Easy, that is the question.

    This is a bonus episode of Steve Saylor’s video game accessibility podcast Access Granted. Aderyn Thompson, Grant Stoner, John Phipps and Steve Saylor sit down to discuss a Kotaku article that was recently posted about Final Fantasy VII’s Remake’s Easy mode saying that it was too easy and was a joke. We discuss accessibility, difficulty […]

    Steve Saylor1 minute read

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