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  • What role does game difficulty play?

    On ‘developer’s vision’ Game difficulty is an accessibility issue. But often, when this point is raised, a common counterpoint is that many difficult games are intentionally difficult. An easier version of the game to play might be a fundamentally different play experience, as opposed to the developer’s vision. Making games more accessible to disabled players […]

    Ruth Cassidy5 minute read
  • Final Fantasy VII Remake – Too Easy? Or Not Too Easy, that is the question.

    This is a bonus episode of Steve Saylor’s video game accessibility podcast Access Granted. Aderyn Thompson, Grant Stoner, John Phipps and Steve Saylor sit down to discuss a Kotaku article that was recently posted about Final Fantasy VII’s Remake’s Easy mode saying that it was too easy and was a joke. We discuss accessibility, difficulty […]

    Steve Saylor1 minute read

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