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  • Mass Effect: Legendary Edition narrative mode helped with accessibility for this grandpa

    The narrative mode in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition helped with accessibility for a player's grandpa who was able to enjoy the game.

    Ben Bayliss2 minute read
  • Mobility Game Review – Anthem

    Updated to the full release version of the game Anthem is a 3rd person view exploration and combat game by EA BioWare. I took a look at the accessibility for people with reduced mobility so I won’t comment much on any options not related to that. I played for about 3 hours using mouse and […]

    Can I Play That?8 minute read
  • Deaf Game Review – Anthem

    The long awaited new game from Bioware is finally here and guess what, everybody? It’s Deaf accessibility does not disappoint! We’re not going to bother with giving you an overview of the story, you very likely know it by now, so we’ll get right into what you want to know: Before starting your game you’re […]

    Can I Play That?3 minute read
  • Deaf Game Review – Dragon Age Inquisition

    Meet Inquisitor Don. He’s a human mage who has been drafted into the Inquisition by a very intimidating Seeker named Cassandra (he doesn’t know it yet, but he’s going to fall in love with her, even though she’s an intimidating Seeker) in order to find out why demons are falling from a big green hole […]

    Can I Play That?3 minute read

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