Mobility Game Review – Wolfenstein: Youngblood

The new Wolfenstein series probably needs no presentation at this point but for those who want a fast description here it goes: the nazis won the war using advanced technology and the world is a nightmare that needs saving. No more story to avoid spoilers for those who haven’t played the 3 previous games. While […]

Can I Play That?9 minute read

Mobility Game Review – Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus

The next installment of the Wolfenstein series follows the story and gameplay with new characters and more refined graphics. No story spoilers as I intend to keep this review very brief. In a few words, you traverse the levels killing everyone, having to use stealth sometimes and performing tasks like deactivating traps and finding ways […]

Can I Play That?5 minute read

Mobility Game Review – Wolfenstein: The New Order

Wolfenstein is an old series of first-person shooters that had a reboot a few years back. This title, The New Order, takes place in a scenario where the nazis have access to strangely advanced technology. In a few words, you travel through levels killing everyone in your path, having to use stealth sometimes and performing […]

Can I Play That?5 minute read

Deaf Game Review – Fallout 76

Like many MMOs, Fallout 76 leaves a lot to be desired accessibility wise. Often in the name of leveling the playing field, there are no scant options available to players except the bare bones ones that are standard in most games, such as controller vibration, turning subtitles on or off, and language settings. Were we […]

Can I Play That?4 minute read

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