• Blind Impressions with Steve Saylor – The Outer Worlds

    Welcome to our new feature, Blind Impressions with Steve Saylor! Blind Impressions is the show where Steve plays a game for the first time and looks at the settings and gives his first impressions of the accessibility in the game. In his first video appearing here on CIPT, Steve explores The Outer Worlds latest accessibility […]

    Steve Saylor0 minute read
  • The Outer Worlds accessibility review

    The Outer Worlds is the latest offering from California-based developer Obsidian Entertainment. This company is best known for its work on role-playing games like Pillars of Eternity, but they are primarily associated with their work on Fallout: New Vegas.  While similarities between the two are sometimes obvious, The Outer Worlds manages to find its own […]

    Carlos Moscoso5 minute read
  • Mobility Review – The Outer Worlds

    The ability to choose is a powerful tool in any RPG. Selecting your character’s gear, traits, and dialogue options create a unique campaign that is exclusive to the player. The Outer Worlds is the latest in this genre, and while its story and choices are infinitely entertaining, physical accessibility missteps translate to an awkward, inaccessible […]

    Grant Stoner3 minute read
  • Deaf Game Review – The Outer Worlds

    Game reviewed on Xbox One The Outer Worlds is a lot like Greedfall both in that it’s an RPG that I’ve been eager to play and anxiously awaiting my Next Favorite RPG and in that upon launching the game, I was more disappointed than anything. The Outer Worlds starts off with making me feel hopeful […]

    Coty Craven4 minute read

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