• Far Cry: New Dawn Utilized Watch Dogs Legion Directional Captions After Studios Shared Accessibility Features

    It has been revealed the directional captions in Watch Dogs Legion appeared in Far Cry: New Dawn first after being shared across studios.

    Ben Bayliss2 minute read
  • Accessibility After Launch

    With modern gaming, it is not only possible, but expected for titles to include accessibility features. Options to control text size, activate subtitles and even customize controls are commonplace for AAA and indie developers alike. Yet, the implementation of assistive mechanics is no easy task to perfect, and games still release without features that benefit […]

    Grant Stoner4 minute read
  • Mobility Game Review – Far Cry New Dawn

    Far Cry New Dawn is a first person view open world shooter by Ubisoft. It is a sequel to Far Cry 5, taking place in the same area a few years later. The core gameplay remains the same with story missions, side missions, resource gathering and weapons/vehicles crafting. You can also upgrade your main base […]

    Can I Play That?11 minute read
  • Deaf Game Review – Far Cry New Dawn (Campaign Gameplay)

    It’s not often that we’ve been left speechless by the level of Deaf accessibility in a game. Unless it’s just that bad, which has happened a few times. This is not one of those times. Ubisoft nailed the Deaf accessibility in Far Cry New Dawn. Nailed it nailed it. We have not seen anything close to […]

    Can I Play That?4 minute read

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