Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Games

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Can I Play That is excited to offer DEI workshops designed for the unique needs of the games industry. Participants in all studio roles will come away from our workshops with knowledge they can apply to their professional roles and personal lives. Participants will explore topics that will assist them in creating better games, having more meaningful professional and personal relationships, and practicing better self-care— an essential part of thriving in the games industry.

What We’re Offering

  • Internal training for improved employee awareness and sensitivity.
  • Training for community teams/managers so they know how to interact with marginalized communities respectfully and safely.
  • Training for creatives (writers, artists, narrative designers, etc.)
  • Package of all 3 trainings.
  • Each of the workshops come with guides and workbooks bespoke to your studio and workshop type with facilitation by Yi Shun Lai and Courtney Craven.

How We’re Offering It

  • Zoom workshops to groups of 6 to 12.
  • E-mail support and using collaborative tools to facilitate in-between conversations.
  • Working with in-house facilitators for long term implementation.

Why DEI with CIPT?

  • Current DEI training and workshops aren’t designed with the unique multi-faceted needs of the game industry: internal, creative, and customer/community facing.
  • Most DEI workshops and conversations held about inclusion fail to include disability.
  • Most DEI workshops and conversations only consider the workplace. CIPT’s training provides ways for participants to incorporate diversity, equity, and inclusion into their own lives—every day.
  • Some DEI workshops try to offer one-sized-fits-all solutions. Ours is bespoke to this industry and your company’s particular pain points and strengths.
  • Courtney has years of community management experience through Can I Play That and is very familiar with the inner workings and needs of game studios and developers, as well as experience working with the disabled community. Yi Shun has a certificate in diversity and inclusion from eCornell. She has helped creatives of all levels to foster better inclusion in their work and has helped with DEI efforts in higher-education institutions, humanitarian aid organizations, and literary organizations.

DEI for Creatives

Our made-for-gaming DEI for Creatives workshop is built with the understanding that inclusive storytelling is the backbone of games. We work with writers, narrative designers, and artists to strengthen creatives’ natural desire to tell the most compelling stories we can.

Courtney and Yi Shun have designed this module to draw from both our deep expertise on narrative and our work in inclusivity. Creatives will walk away with an understanding of why inclusivity makes for engaging narratives and game design, and how to work inclusivity into every aspect of storytelling.

DEI for Community Engagement

Check back soon! We’re building this workshop around the many hats all those in community-facing roles wear to make it a valuable experience that will foster growth in participants professional and personal lives.

Questions? Ready to hold a workshop for your company? Email us at learn@caniplaythat.com.

About Courtney and Yi Shun

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Courtney Craven (They/Them)

Courtney has expertise in implementing accessible and inclusive processes in games and media production. Having spent nearly a decade working closely with marginalized communities in games and game developers, Courtney brings an understanding of what both sides of the industry need to love playing games and making them. They hold degrees in sociology and writing, allowing them a unique perspective on inclusion and diversity and the issues facing both in the games industry.

Yi Shun looking at the camera, smiling.

Yi Shun Lai (She/Her)

Yi Shun Lai (say “yeeshun” for her first name; “lie” for her last) has a certificate in diversity and inclusion from eCornell. She has worked to forward diversity and inclusion efforts in publishing, humanitarian aid, and higher education. She is the author of a novel and a memoir and teaches in the MFA programs at Bay Path and Southern New Hampshire Universities.

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