Biomutant — Cognitive Accessibility Review

Transcript What’s up everybody, welcome back. I’ve got another cognitive accessibility review for you today. We are taking a look at Biomutant by Swedish developers Experiment 101, courtesy of THQ Nordic. I usually review on Xbox Series X, but this code provided was a PC code so just keep in mind that some of these […]

Stacey Jenkins5 minute read

On Legible Subtitles in Games

Over the weekend, I played a lot of Outriders. A LOT. I think it’s safe to say that Outriders is going to be among my GOTYs, despite not the best accessibility. There was one issue, though, that I kept running into over and over and over as I ran through Enoch—the tiny and far too […]

Courtney Craven2 minute read

Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 – Accessibility Impressions with Dan Malito

In today’s edition of Accessibility Impressions with Dan Malito, he takes a look at the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2. Spoiler alert: he loves it just as much as Courtney did in their piece on the controller! Transcript Hi I’m Dan Malito and please check out for all the great gaming accessibility articles, videos and […]

Daniel Malito8 minute read

iKKEGOL USB Foot Pedal — Accessibility Impressions

We’ve got a new Accessibility Impressions video for you today! Check our Daniel Malito’s thoughts on the Ikegol USB Foot Pedal! Transcript Welcome to another video for Can I Play That, youraccessible access toaccessibility in gaming! I think that might be a little too much access.. Anyway, today we’re going to be talking about another […]

Daniel Malito6 minute read

Hitbox Arcade Stick — Accessibility Impressions

Say hello to CIPT’s newest contributor, Daniel Malito, and enjoy his first video for us in which he discusses his accessibility impressions of the Hitbox Arcade Stick! For even more info on the impressive Hitbox, check out Brian Peddie’s review!

Daniel Malito0 minute read

Hitman 3 Cognitive Accessibility Review — with Stacey Jenkins

Curious about Hitman 3 from a cognitive perspective? Stacey has you covered! Transcript What’s up friends, welcome back. Today we’re going to be taking a look at Hitman 3, the final game in the World of Assassination trilogy from IO interactive in which you get to take Agent 47 around the world to exotic locations […]

Stacey Jenkins5 minute read

Watch Dogs: Legion – Hands-On Accessibility Preview

Watch Dogs: Legion is the third game in the Watch Dogs franchise for Ubisoft and the most ambitious. With its Open World concept where every NPC can become a Player Character it is ground breaking in it's approach to the Open World genre that Ubisoft has become notable for. The question though at this point with its large scope, will it be playable for players with disabilities?

Steve Saylor1 minute read

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