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  • Meet Robert Kingett

    In our latest Meet our Contributors post Robert Kingett shares their journey and love for video games and how their focus has shifted to audio/mobile games.

    Robert Kingett2 minute read
  • Switch it up with Accessibility

    By Milan Patel My name is Milan Patel and I live with a neuromuscular disease called Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD). I am currently a Graphic Design student and an amateur Photographer, as well as a YouTuber.  As an avid gamer, living with DMD has caused me to adapt the way I game multiple times over […]

    Can I Play That?3 minute read
  • Gaming Without Sight: Removing The Video From Videogames

    By SightlessKombat Allow Me To Introduce Myself Hello. I’m SightlessKombat, an accessibility consultant and Gamer Without Sight (GWS). Though I’m from the UK, my work has given me great opportunities to travel to numerous places including the US for events including E3 and two of Microsoft’s Gaming and Disability Boot Camps, as well as Germany, […]

    Can I Play That?13 minute read
  • Meet Troy Beissel

    Hello, fellow gamers! I’d like to introduce myself here. My name is Troy. I’m a 44 year old Deaf gamer that started gaming with Pong. I’m presently an Xbox gamer but would like to eventually get a PS4 and a Switch as well, depending on my finances and what the next console generation holds for […]

    Troy Beissel6 minute read
  • Meet Johnny Quad

    Say hello to the newest contributor to Can I Play That? Growing up every opportunity was available to me. My parents taught me the power of making a connection early on. What I chose to do instead was waste all that, drink, party, and continue to say “This is the last one.” In August of […]

    Johnny Quad3 minute read

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