• 5 Third-Person Video Games for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Players

    If you're looking for recommendations for third-person video games for deaf and hard-of-hearing players, we've listed 5 of our favorites!

    Can I Play That?5 minute read
  • Gaming Privilege Checklist – Screen Reader Friendly Version

    Characters that look like me are usually not excluded for “historical accuracy.” In character creation, I can always find my skin tone. Demographic markers I can relate to (disability, ethnicity, sexual orientation) are not problems that need to be fixed in the game’s story. I have many choices for hairstyles in character creation when making […]

    Can I Play That?1 minute read
  • Top Five Reasons Games Need Subtitles

    Subtitles are in most modern games, but good subtitles are significantly harder to come by, so here's a list of why subtitles are needed in video games.

    Elizabeth Garcia3 minute read
  • Switch Multiplayer Games for Low Vision

    Connection with other people is more important than ever right now, so today I’m going to be giving a few recommendations for multiplayer games that you can play on the Switch, whether you have a visual impairment yourself or want to play with someone who does. This list is certainly not exhaustive, but I’ve tried […]

    Christy Smith11 minute read

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