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  • Indie Spotlight – HyperDot

    I highly recommend HyperDot for accessibility, and I can’t wait see what the development team comes up with next!

    Mike Matlock2 minute read
  • Indie Spotlight – Tell Me Why

    Tell Me Why is a great example of a game that tells a good story while also being very accessible to disabled gamers.

    Mike Matlock3 minute read
  • Indie Spotlight – Hades

    Indie developers have made quite a mark on the industry this year. The release of Serious Sam 4 showed that Croteam could hold its own against the indie scene’s heavy hitters while keeping their flagship franchise relevant after nearly two decades of absence, but it’s nearly impossible to have a conversation about the big players […]

    Carlos Moscoso3 minute read
  • Indie Spotlight – October Night Games

    Protect the earth from a cosmic horror, or summon the elder gods in this spooky digital tabletop game! October Night Games was developed by German studio WhisperGames and released on PC just in time for Halloween. It’s a point-and-click experience, allowing you to play with just a mouse and explore dangerous environments as a witch […]

    Mike Matlock2 minute read
  • Indie Spotlight – Serious Sam 4

    I have long had an appreciation for indie titles and their developers for their ability to create experiences that buck the industry trend and do something entirely unique. Every once in a while however, there is one indie title that comes along that, while it doesn’t do anything to break the mold established by its […]

    Carlos Moscoso3 minute read
  • Indie Spotlight – Behind the Screen

    Don’t trust the talking heads behind the screen! Behind the Screen is a Taiwanese horror puzzle game set in the 1970s that centers around a boy’s life and his attempts to figure out whether his past is real or just in his head. It was developed by 18Light Games for the Nintendo Switch and PC. […]

    Mike Matlock2 minute read
  • Indie Spotlight – Disco Elysium

    Disco Elysium is the first endeavor from studio ZA/UM. It’s an RPG set in a world known as Elysium decades after a war ravaged it. The world of Elysium is the brainchild of Estonian novelist, musician, and ZA/UM studio founder Robert Kurvitz, and it first appeared in his novel titled Sacred and Terrible Air. Disco Elysium […]

    Carlos Moscoso3 minute read
  • Indie Spotlight – Cloudpunk

    Cloudpunk is the latest game by Berlin-based developer Ion Lands. It’s a game that’s essentially Blade Runner meets The Transporter, and this is by no means a bad thing. The player assumes control of Rania, a woman starting her first shift at the eponymous parcel delivery company, which, very much like The Transporter, only has […]

    Carlos Moscoso2 minute read
  • Indie Spotlight – Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark

    In my continued quest to stave off boredom in this time of quarantine, I have stumbled across yet another highly accessible and incredibly polished indie gem. Developed by 6 Eyes Studio, Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark is a spiritual successor to Final Fantasy Tactics that is available on all major platforms. Players control a squad of […]

    Josh Straub2 minute read
  • Indie Spotlight – Gibbous – A Cthulhu Adventure

    Gibbous: A Cthulu Adventure is a self-styled “comedy cosmic horror adventure” point-and-click game by Romanian studio Stuck In Attic. Funded entirely on Kickstarter and surpassing its initial budget of 39,000 Romanian Leu (approximately $8,794), the game features three characters who all have motives to get their hands on a magical tome called the Necronomicon. With […]

    Carlos Moscoso2 minute read
  • Indie Spotlight – Islanders

    Quarantining during COVID-19 is especially tough when it means I have limited access to my local used games store, so more and more I’ve found myself plumbing the depths of Steam looking for inexpensive accessible games that are worth playing, and I do believe I found one. Produced by Grizzly Games, Islanders bills itself as […]

    Josh Straub1 minute read
  • Indie Spotlight – Burly Men At Sea

    Three bearded fishermen decide to leave their life behind, and search for adventure on the open sea. Loosely based on Scandinavian folklore, Burly Men At Sea is an adventure game by indie studio Brain&Brain. Despite the name Burly Men is not an action game about pirates, but actually a short lighthearted romp through a sailor’s […]

    Mike Matlock2 minute read
  • Indie Spotlight – Fragments of Him

    Do you ever truly know someone? Fragments of Him is a narrative based game, centering on the life-and-death of a bisexual man named Will. Fragments of Him lets you experience the different perspectives of Will’s family and friends, and how his life has affected them. The game came out last year and was developed by […]

    Mike Matlock2 minute read
  • Indie Spotlight – Bomber Crew

    As a history buff, I often lament the fact that there aren’t very many unique World War II based games out there. However, this week I picked up Bomber Crew by Curve Digital and was impressed by not only how fun it was, but also how accessible it was. Longtime readers of DAGERS know that […]

    Josh Straub2 minute read
  • Indie Spotlight – Lili: Child of Geos

    Explore the mysterious island of Geos and meet the colorful characters that are the Tree Constructs! Lili: Child of Geos is an adventure RPG made by the small indie developer BitMonster. Inspired by retro games like Zelda, Lili tries to capture the nostalgia of the past with its beautiful environments and classic adventure mechanics. The […]

    Mike Matlock2 minute read
  • Indie Spotlight – Undertale

    A human child falls into the underground where magical monsters live peacefully. Are these monsters your friends or your enemies? Undertale is a retro-designed RPG with turn-based combat and was released on the PlayStation 4 and PC. The game is known for its quirky characters and unconventional gameplay mechanics that allow you the option to […]

    Mike Matlock2 minute read

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