• Twitch and Its Continued Failure of Disabled Streamers

    Whenever I think of activism, I’m sometimes skeptical one act can create meaningful change. Yet, it happens all the time. Sometimes, the positive payoffs will come decades later, which is why it’s essential to look ahead to the future, even when an act seems inconsequential. I want people to understand how a single decision will […]

    Robert Kingett4 minute read
  • Game Ratings Aren’t the Only Component of Gamer Safety

    When we talk about accessibility in games, there’s almost always a specific gap surrounding safety.   When we think “safety,” the connotation may be life vests for swimming and helmets for biking. Or, in the case of gaming specifically, ensuring your PS3 doesn’t melt into your entertainment stand and that your Xbox Series X doesn’t catch […]

    Vanessa / PleasantlyTwstd6 minute read
  • 2020 Can I Play That Accessibility Awards — Winners

    Congrats to the winners (and runners up) of the 2020 Can I Play That Accessibility Awards! Best Overall Accessible Game Spiderman: Miles Morales The Last Of Us 2 Hyperdot Winner: The Last Of Us 2 Best Deaf/Hard of Hearing Accessibility Spider-Man: Miles Morales The Last Of Us 2 Watch Dogs: Legion Winner: Spider-Man: Miles Morales […]

    Coty Craven4 minute read
  • Can I Play That’s 2020 Accessibility Awards

    So many incredible games have been released this year with many of them making massive strides in accessibility. On top of that, we’ve got developers and studios being more vocal than ever in their commitment to making accessible games, and streamers and game journalists showing us every day why accessibility matters so very much. So […]

    Can I Play That?1 minute read
  • Apex Legends Deaf Player Gets Wholesome Response From Teammate

    A Reddit post highlights a wonderful moment in Apex Legends where a player announces they're deaf, and the squadmate doesn't mind. A wholesome moment.

    Ben Bayliss2 minute read

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