How I Play Video Games While Hyperfixating

By Latonya Pennington Hyperfixation aka “hyperfocus” to some psychologists is when you’re so intensely focused on something that you tune out everything else for hours at a time. Although this term is commonly applied to people with autism or ADHD, people with mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder can also hyperfixate. It […]

Can I Play That?5 minute read

Should Accessibility Impact Overall Review Scores?

When Cyberpunk 2077 released in December 2020 with an array of game-breaking bugs and glitches rendering it unplayable for many, the general community of gamers experienced what disabled gamers do with countless games, both AAA and indie. We spend $60—$70 now if we’re playing on a PS5—without ever knowing if the game will be playable […]

Courtney Craven4 minute read

What role does game difficulty play?

On ‘developer’s vision’ Game difficulty is an accessibility issue. But often, when this point is raised, a common counterpoint is that many difficult games are intentionally difficult. An easier version of the game to play might be a fundamentally different play experience, as opposed to the developer’s vision. Making games more accessible to disabled players […]

Ruth Cassidy5 minute read

There’s More to the Story than Console vs. PC

At CIPT, we have long advocated for inclusion in gaming – whether it be adding subtitles, creating adaptive controller technologies, or providing information to consumers before they buy. We spend most of our time focusing on what brings us together – a love of games, communities, and experiences – that we all share regardless of […]

Christy Smith4 minute read

Twitch and Its Continued Failure of Disabled Streamers

Whenever I think of activism, I’m sometimes skeptical one act can create meaningful change. Yet, it happens all the time. Sometimes, the positive payoffs will come decades later, which is why it’s essential to look ahead to the future, even when an act seems inconsequential. I want people to understand how a single decision will […]

Robert Kingett4 minute read

Game Ratings Aren’t the Only Component of Gamer Safety

When we talk about accessibility in games, there’s almost always a specific gap surrounding safety.   When we think “safety,” the connotation may be life vests for swimming and helmets for biking. Or, in the case of gaming specifically, ensuring your PS3 doesn’t melt into your entertainment stand and that your Xbox Series X doesn’t catch […]

Vanessa / PleasantlyTwstd6 minute read

2020 Can I Play That Accessibility Awards — Winners

Congrats to the winners (and runners up) of the 2020 Can I Play That Accessibility Awards! Best Overall Accessible Game Spiderman: Miles Morales The Last Of Us 2 Hyperdot Winner: The Last Of Us 2 Best Deaf/Hard of Hearing Accessibility Spider-Man: Miles Morales The Last Of Us 2 Watch Dogs: Legion Winner: Spider-Man: Miles Morales […]

Courtney Craven4 minute read

Spirit of the North: When Excitement Becomes Work

When I unboxed my PS5 shortly after launch, I was excited to experience next-gen gaming, especially Spirit of the North. For me, this was a particularly large leap as I had never personally owned a PlayStation or Xbox, as I primarily gamed on the Nintendo Switch. The PS5 opened up a whole catalog of PS4 […]

Christy Smith4 minute read

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