Mobility Reviews

  • Mobility Review – Gears Tactics

    Amongst my friend group, I am affectionately referred to as the one who “loathes strategy games.” While the turn-based mechanics are certainly beneficial for my disability, I often flounder at activating specific buttons to execute precise orders, on top of micromanaging a multitude of units and structures. Yet, I find myself enjoying Gears Tactics immensely. […]

    Grant Stoner3 minute read
  • Mobility Review – Trine 4

    Game reviewed on PC. Review copy provided courtesy of Frozenbyte. Due to the progression of my disease, I tend to avoid the platforming genre. The precise timing coupled with a general lack of customizable controls makes for an inaccessible mess. Yet, Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince is one of the most entertaining, accessible puzzle-solving platformers […]

    Grant Stoner4 minute read

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