Immortals Fenyx Rising — Can I Play That Deaf/Hard of Hearing Review

I am living my best hero life in Immortals Fenyx Rising. This new IP from Ubisoft, developers of massive photorealistic open world games like Far Cry and Assassin’s Creed, is the most delightfully unexpected good time I’ve had in a long while. Immortals feels like Breath of the Wild (but actually enjoyable) and Assassin’s Creed […]

Courtney Craven4 minute read

Mafia: Definitive Edition — Deaf/HoH Review

Another remake, another lost opportunity to improve on the original game’s level of accessibility. That’s what Mafia: Definitive Edition is. In a year filled to the brim with remasters and remakes in which every single one of them hasn’t given so much as a thought to improving any aspect of accessibility, I’ve all but given […]

Courtney Craven6 minute read

Marvel’s Avengers – Deaf/HoH Accessibility Review

Coming into Marvel’s Avengers as a complete novice to all things Marvel and Avengers feels…right. It makes the game feel that much more special and removed any expectations I may have had about what the various superheroes should or should not be able to do. I’ve watched Iron Man once on Disney+ but there was […]

Courtney Craven5 minute read

Ghost of Tsushima – Deaf/HoH Accessibility Review

Once upon a time, in preparation for the arrival of the most highly anticipated games, I’d work on lowering my expectations for how accessible they’d be. I expect nothing, so on the off chance subtitles were done well, I can be pleasantly surprised. After doing this sort of reviewing for six years, it’s necessary to […]

Courtney Craven5 minute read

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