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Stacey works with Can I Play That? to develop valuable training for game developers to ensure that all content is inclusive and accessible for the whole community. With fibromyalgia and Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS), Stacey has ‘pain brain’ which affects her cognitive function when it comes to gaming. She has used her own personal experience to consult on cognitive accessibility and to educate others on topics such as diversity and inclusion, life as a disabled streamer, and accessibility in gaming. Stacey has spoken at multiple TwitchCons, the wonderful GAconf, and has spoken at GDC 2021 with Courtney, delivering a special version of their a11y workshop. An aspiring assassin and lover of all things spooky, Stacey loves stealth, horror, and the occasional cozy game. Okay, a lot of cozy games.

  • 5 Ways to Make Your Online Meetings More Accessible

    The COVID-19 pandemic has forced industries all over the world to shift their businesses online. The gaming industry is no different. And studies show that work-from-home employees are more productive, have more energy and no longer have to suffer through that pesky commute. But the massive cultural shift has had another side effect: People with […]

    Stacey Jenkins4 minute read
  • Biomutant — Cognitive Accessibility Review

    Transcript What’s up everybody, welcome back. I’ve got another cognitive accessibility review for you today. We are taking a look at Biomutant by Swedish developers Experiment 101, courtesy of THQ Nordic. I usually review on Xbox Series X, but this code provided was a PC code so just keep in mind that some of these […]

    Stacey Jenkins5 minute read
  • Hitman 3 Cognitive Accessibility Review — with Stacey Jenkins

    Curious about Hitman 3 from a cognitive perspective? Stacey has you covered! Transcript What’s up friends, welcome back. Today we’re going to be taking a look at Hitman 3, the final game in the World of Assassination trilogy from IO interactive in which you get to take Agent 47 around the world to exotic locations […]

    Stacey Jenkins5 minute read
  • We Need to Talk About Motion Sickness

    When Video Games Literally Make You Sick I never had a problem playing video games growing up. They were always accessible to me. But in my young adult years, along with various diagnoses came a whole host of barriers that prevented me from doing the things that I loved. Pain and fatigue meant that I […]

    Stacey Jenkins5 minute read
  • Cognitive Accessibility in Gaming 101 With Stacey Rebecca

    Stacey Rebecca sits down to share, and explain what cognitive accessibility is and how cognitive accessibility relates to video games.

    Stacey Jenkins7 minute read
  • Marvel’s Avengers (Beta) Cognitive Accessibility Impressions

    Stacey Rebecca had some time with the beta for the upcoming Marvel's Avengers title and here are her thoughts on the cognitive accessibility.

    Stacey Jenkins5 minute read

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