Twitch and Its Continued Failure of Disabled Streamers

Whenever I think of activism, I’m sometimes skeptical one act can create meaningful change. Yet, it happens all the time. Sometimes, the positive payoffs will come decades later, which is why it’s essential to look ahead to the future, even when an act seems inconsequential. I want people to understand how a single decision will […]

Robert Kingett4 minute read

Timecrest – Blind Review

Before trying a game, I always have a surge of anxiety and dread because I don’t know if a game will be fully accessible before buying. Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us 2 is an exception thanks to the extensive accessibility features implemented into the game. But otherwise, my choices in fully accessible games are […]

Robert Kingett5 minute read

Meet Robert Kingett

In our latest Meet our Contributors post Robert Kingett shares their journey and love for video games and how their focus has shifted to audio/mobile games.

Robert Kingett2 minute read

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