Deaf Game Review – Forza Horizon 4

Oh Forza… You were making such progress! And you had a whole year to fix the accessibility issues from Horizon 3. But… but you made them worse. And we just… how? The subtitles in 3 were a vast improvement on those in 2, in that they existed in 3 and they did not exist in […]

Susan3 minute read

The Many Problems of The Quiet Man

The producer of Square Enix’s newest release, The Quiet Man, Kensei Fujinaga, says that he believes if one video game can change a person’s mind, then video games can change the world. How interesting then, that his game, the first to the best of my knowledge to feature a deaf protagonist, takes every ridiculous and damaging […]

Susan4 minute read

Playing Through Stroke Recovery

I’ve never been particularly good at the social aspects of life, and having been schizophrenic for the last 20 years, I can’t recall a time where I’ve ever been fully in control of my emotions, or anything that goes on in my head, really. I did what was necessary of me to get through life […]

Susan11 minute read

Playing with Schizophrenia in Prey

I was diagnosed with schizophrenia when I was 17. It was right around my birthday in January, and I’d just started college the previous fall. I was living on campus because there weren’t any other students my age that had parents willing to let them share an off-campus apartment. My roommate was nice enough, but […]

Susan13 minute read

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