• Introductory Levels – Benefiting Disabled Players

    Watching the news right now can send anyone into an anxiety-inducing spiral so it is understandable many of us are turning to games to cope. In an effort to avoid the news for even just a few hours, I started up Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Remastered for the PS4, which is […]

    Elizabeth Garcia3 minute read
  • Star Wars Battlefront 2: Campaign — Deaf/HoH Review

    In our review for Star Wars Battlefront 2 Elizabeth says, "Deaf/HoHplayers looking to engage with the single-player narrative may feel left out."

    Elizabeth Garcia4 minute read
  • Dishonored 2 – Deaf/HOH Review

    Dishonored 2 may have an empowering storyline, but for Elizabeth, the games accessibility options don't quite hold up. Check out our review here.

    Elizabeth Garcia6 minute read
  • Top Five Reasons Games Need Subtitles

    Subtitles are in most modern games, but good subtitles are significantly harder to come by, so here's a list of why subtitles are needed in video games.

    Elizabeth Garcia3 minute read
  • Final Fantasy VII Remake Broke My Heart…

    …but not for the reasons you think. Final Fantasy VII Remake broke my heart, but not for the reasons you think. To be clear, I love Final Fantasy VII Remake, I gave it a glowing review. The graphics are astonishing, the voice acting is suburb and the subtitles, while far from perfect, work well enough […]

    Elizabeth Garcia3 minute read
  • Deaf/HoH Review – Persona 5 Royal

    Persona 5 Royal is more or less a director’s cut of Persona 5, initially released in the West in 2017. It is a turned-based RPG that focuses on your ability to develop relationships with other characters. While a lot feels familiar, the game’s additions flesh out the story more. Additionally, this new game also offers […]

    Elizabeth Garcia4 minute read
  • Deaf/HoH Game Review – Resident Evil 3 Remake Demo

    Capcom released a demo for the upcoming Resident Evil 3 Remake. The game, much like Final Fantasy VII Remake and Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 Remake, is more like a reimagining than an outright remake. The game takes place at the same time as Resident Evil 2 but instead of following Leon and Claire, follows Jill […]

    Elizabeth Garcia3 minute read
  • Deaf/HOH Game Review – Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo

    Final Fantasy VII Remake is less of a remake and more of a reimagining of the classic game that was originally released in 1998. The remake, like the original game, follows Cloud Strife and a group of eco-terrorists, AVALANCHE, who set out to save the planet from the corrupt Shinra megacorporation. Shinra is harvesting and […]

    Elizabeth Garcia3 minute read
  • Deaf/HoH Game Review – Indivisible

    Game reviewed on Xbox One Indivisible is a hand-drawn action RPG platformer from Lab Zero, creators of Skullgirls. The art and character designs take inspiration from various cultures and mythologies. The game, which recently came to Xbox’s GamePass, follows Ajna, a young girl who finds herself seeking revenge for her father after his death. From […]

    Elizabeth Garcia3 minute read
  • Loving Gaming When it Doesn’t Love Me

    I wasn’t born with a chronic illness, or if I was my symptoms were not as prominent or as debilitating as they are today. Because of this, I remember my life before being sick. It took me a few years to accept, and love, my new reality and some days I am still working on […]

    Elizabeth Garcia3 minute read

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