Deaf. Single Dad. Atheist. Gamer. My days are frequently spent playing Xbox and guzzling Mountain Dew. I can often be found streaming my gameplay on Twitch ( or posting about politics and gaming on Twitter.

  • Deaf Game Review – Frostpunk

    Game reviewed on Xbox One Frostpunk is a world-building simulation strategy game. It’s a genre I generally avoid as I’m not usually into these types of games but I’ve become hooked on this rather quickly. It was recently added to Game Pass for console on Xbox One so I decided to check it out because […]

    Troy Beissel5 minute read
  • Deaf Game Review – Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

    Game reviewed on Xbox One I’m enjoying this game so much that I found it difficult to tear myself away from it in order to write this review, especially since deaf accessibility is perfect.  Here is an example of the largest possible size (15 ) with the darkest possible background (100%). I personally prefer it […]

    Troy Beissel2 minute read
  • Lack of Accessibility & Ignorance: Ghost Recon Breakpoint

    There’s a common saying that “ignorance is bliss”. It’s relatively true until you’re figuratively smacked across the face with reality and awoken to that which you were previously ignorant of. That’s not bliss… that’s an indescribable combination of shock and disappointment mixed with appreciation for being made aware of that which you were previously unaware […]

    Troy Beissel4 minute read
  • Meet Troy Beissel

    Hello, fellow gamers! I’d like to introduce myself here. My name is Troy. I’m a 44 year old Deaf gamer that started gaming with Pong. I’m presently an Xbox gamer but would like to eventually get a PS4 and a Switch as well, depending on my finances and what the next console generation holds for […]

    Troy Beissel6 minute read

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