At the end of his internship with GameInformer magazine, Josh Straub graduated from Southwest Minnesota State University with a degree in creative writing and history. His earliest gaming memories are of looking over his father’s shoulder while he played Warcraft 2. While these experiences gave him a deep appreciation for the RTS genre, Josh seeks to play games across all genres and platforms due to his interest in game accessibility for the disabled. This interest stems from too many experiences in which he has hurled his controller across the room after finding out that a game was inaccessible due to his Cerebral Palsy. Because of his wide exposure and interest in games, Josh appreciates the story of a game more than any other element, especially because the stories of the games of his childhood provided him with an invaluable sense of escape from his disability.

  • Marvel’s Midnight Suns accessibility review

    Midnight Suns is a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to accessibility. I can’t unequivocally recommend this game the way that I would like to.

    Josh Straub6 minute read
  • Pokémon Scarlet and Violet accessibility review

    Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are the newest entries in the franchise. While buggy, for most Pokémon Scarlet and Violet will be accessible.

    Josh Straub4 minute read
  • The future of the Can I Play That? Awards

    In previous years the Can I Play That? Awards highlighted accessibility in video games. For the time being we have to reorient our efforts.

    Josh Straub2 minute read
  • Who your gifts enable: A message from Mike Matlock

    Give to the Max 2022 is a week away now and we are asking for your help in supporting our mission here at Can I Play That.

    Josh Straub2 minute read
  • Announcing Give to the Max Day 2022

    Can I Play That? is participating in Give to the Max Day 2022 with our parent company Dagersystem and we need your help!

    Josh Straub1 minute read
  • Indie Spotlight – Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark

    In my continued quest to stave off boredom in this time of quarantine, I have stumbled across yet another highly accessible and incredibly polished indie gem. Developed by 6 Eyes Studio, Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark is a spiritual successor to Final Fantasy Tactics that is available on all major platforms. Players control a squad of […]

    Josh Straub2 minute read
  • Indie Spotlight – Islanders

    Quarantining during COVID-19 is especially tough when it means I have limited access to my local used games store, so more and more I’ve found myself plumbing the depths of Steam looking for inexpensive accessible games that are worth playing, and I do believe I found one. Produced by Grizzly Games, Islanders bills itself as […]

    Josh Straub1 minute read
  • Indie Spotlight – Bomber Crew

    As a history buff, I often lament the fact that there aren’t very many unique World War II based games out there. However, this week I picked up Bomber Crew by Curve Digital and was impressed by not only how fun it was, but also how accessible it was. Longtime readers of DAGERS know that […]

    Josh Straub2 minute read

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