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In 2014, Coty co-founded a deaf accessibility video game review site and in 2018, four years of hard work became Can I Play That? Coty is the owner and Director Of Operations and Business Development for Can I Play That?, a captioner, and an accessibility consultant in the video games industry. Four years of rating and reviewing video games and being part of the #a11y community has allowed accessibility and how essential it is that we do our best to ensure all people have equal access on the web, in games, and out in the world, to become the center of Coty's life, both personally and professionally. Coty is also a fiction writer, has a BA in sociology, an MA in English, and an MFA in fiction writing. They use none of these degrees in their captioning work for Epic Games but hey, at least they learned cool stuff, right? Coty talks about video games, their dogs Tali and Tater, and accessibility/inclusion a lot on Twitter.

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