Christy Smith is a visually impaired gamer whose main goal in life is to snag a seat on the metro instead of having to stand so that she can play Switch on her commute. She/her/hers or They/them/theirs

  • Summer in Mara — Visually Impaired Review

    "Summer in Mara has a lot of bugs that make it frustrating to play and severely impacts its accessibility." This is our review on the Nintendo Switch title.

    Christy Smith6 minute read
  • Gaming in a Pandemic

    In recent days, outlets like the Washington Post and BBC published articles talking about one of the few bright spots amidst the pandemic. Kids are getting outdoors more and engaging with the world around them in new ways. It is clear that kids enjoy the freedom of being outside and the opportunity to express themselves. […]

    Christy Smith7 minute read
  • Bug Fables — Visually Impaired Review

    Bug Fables has arrived on the Nintendo Switch and bares similarities to Paper Mario, but does the game do well in our Visually Impaired Review?

    Christy Smith9 minute read
  • Astro Bears — Visually Impaired Review

    Check out Can I Play That?'s Visually Impaired review on Astro Bears, a charming title from SONKA which is available for the Nintendo Switch.

    Christy Smith6 minute read
  • How Game Developers Could Make Modern Platformers Better

    Video games are always built upon iteration and improving on previous games. In fact, I suppose any media is made of iteration on iteration. However, it’s particularly easy to spot with video games because they are such a new form of content compared to books and film. This innovation has contributed to the rapid and […]

    Christy Smith5 minute read
  • Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze — Visually Impaired Review

    Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze is available on the Nintendo Switch, but how does the platformer hold up in our Visually Impaired Review?

    Christy Smith9 minute read
  • What The Golf – Visually Impaired Review

    If you like golf, this game probably isn’t for you. But if you like wackiness, you just might be up for the zaniest game I’ve played in a long time.

    Christy Smith8 minute read
  • Universal Design and Paper Mario

    If Nintendo wants Paper Mario Origami King to be an accessibility success, it must leverage its history of universal design AND draw from other RPGs

    Christy Smith4 minute read
  • Switch Multiplayer Games for Low Vision

    Connection with other people is more important than ever right now, so today I’m going to be giving a few recommendations for multiplayer games that you can play on the Switch, whether you have a visual impairment yourself or want to play with someone who does. This list is certainly not exhaustive, but I’ve tried […]

    Christy Smith11 minute read
  • Visually Impaired Review – Ring Fit Adventure

      Ring Fit Adventure is the successor to Wii Fit, and in many ways, it blows its predecessor out of the water. It is more immersive, more varied, and more intense. It’s been popular enough to sell out at various times around the world. It’s quarantine-approved, but can you play it if you’re visually impaired? […]

    Christy Smith9 minute read
  • Visually Impaired Review – Super Mario Maker 2

    Have you ever thought to yourself, “I wish there were more Mario levels. But I also wish they were much harder, much easier, or made by toddlers??” No? You’ve never thought that? Shame. ‘Cause here’s Mario Maker 2. This game sparked its own internet sub-culture when it came out on Wii U… and they’re still […]

    Christy Smith10 minute read
  • How I Play Visual Games While Visually Impaired

    Hi y’all. I’m Christy, and I review Switch games for low vision accessibility. If you’re interested to know why I play on the Switch, please check out my Why I Play article. Today, I want to talk a little about how I use my Switch and specifically what gear and setup I use, though much […]

    Christy Smith9 minute read
  • Blind/Low-Vision Review – Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    It’s finally here, y’all. Animal Crossing hardly needs an introduction. It’s a life simulation where you are the only human on a deserted island that is full of anthropomorphic animals. So, uh, it’s not really that deserted. But it is fun. So, can you play it if you’re visually impaired? About me and my play […]

    Christy Smith7 minute read
  • Blind/Low-Vision Review – New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe

    Do you like Mario? Do you like games with obnoxious names? Here you go, my friend. This game is one of the top-selling Switch titles, but plenty of people complain that the game isn’t innovative enough when it comes to platforming design. However, you don’t sell six million units by accident. There has to be […]

    Christy Smith8 minute read
  • Visually Impaired Review – Splatoon 2

    If you’ve ever wanted a shooter that had more strategy than a normal shooter… If you’ve ever tried to play a shooter and needed better lighting and contrast… If you’ve ever needed to modify your weapons to focus only on things that you can do instead of things you can’t… Y’all, ya gotta try Splatoon […]

    Christy Smith14 minute read
  • Visually Impaired Review – Untitled Goose Game

    Have you ever wanted to be a horrible goose? Me neither. But here’s your chance. Untitled Goose Game is a game where you play as a goose that messes up everyone’s day. I have a lot of thoughts about this game because it does some really innovative things… and it also frustrates the tar out […]

    Christy Smith9 minute read

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