There’s More to the Story than Console vs. PC

At CIPT, we have long advocated for inclusion in gaming – whether it be adding subtitles, creating adaptive controller technologies, or providing information to consumers before they buy. We spend most of our time focusing on what brings us together – a love of games, communities, and experiences – that we all share regardless of […]

Christy Smith4 minute read

Spirit of the North: When Excitement Becomes Work

When I unboxed my PS5 shortly after launch, I was excited to experience next-gen gaming, especially Spirit of the North. For me, this was a particularly large leap as I had never personally owned a PlayStation or Xbox, as I primarily gamed on the Nintendo Switch. The PS5 opened up a whole catalog of PS4 […]

Christy Smith4 minute read

Superliminal – Visually Impaired Review

Have you ever had a dream where you knew you were in a dream? Have you ever then decided to see what you could do in your dream world? Superliminal is a game based on lucid dreams and forced perspective. You manipulate the appearance of objects by holding them closer or further away, so they […]

Christy Smith7 minute read

Accessible Game Design for Kids… and Everyone

At CIPT?, we focus on accessibility features in games – such as text sizes, captions, and control options. These aspects are critical and fundamental to enjoying games as a disabled gamer. Today, I want to talk about moving beyond accessibility features and talking about what makes for accessible design. Design is a much more complicated […]

Christy Smith7 minute read

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