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  • Perspective of a caregiver

    Marking the end of the third week of NDEAM, we share a new perspective by Jeff Straub, about his son's Journey to Employment.

    Can I Play That?3 minute read
  • Hogwarts Legacy accessibility review

    Hogwarts Legacy has a few accessibility shortcomings, but it gets accessibility right when it counts the most.

    Can I Play That?7 minute read
  • Dreams Realized — A Farewell From Our Co-Founder

    Can I Play That co-Founder Coty Craven reflects on the exciting new partnership between DAGERSystem and looks back on the highs and lows.

    Can I Play That?3 minute read
  • What’s Happening at Can I Play That?

    After a while of internal struggles, Can I Play That? talks about what's next in store for the accessibility focused video game outlet.

    Can I Play That?5 minute read
  • Can I Play That? Accessibility Awards 2021 — The Winners

    After another year of video games across the industry, it's time to announce the winners of the Can I Play That? Accessibility Awards 2021

    Can I Play That?9 minute read
  • Can I Play That? Accessibility Awards 2021: Voting Begins

    The Can I Play That? Accessibility Awards 2021 are now available for public voting and our Susan Banks Advocacy Award is sponsored by Ubisoft.

    Can I Play That?7 minute read
  • 5 Games for Blind and Visually Impaired Players

    Wondering what our top 5 games for blind and visually impaired players are? Here are the games we think make the cut for different reasons.

    Can I Play That?6 minute read
  • 5 Third-Person Video Games for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Players

    If you're looking for recommendations for third-person video games for deaf and hard-of-hearing players, we've listed 5 of our favorites!

    Can I Play That?5 minute read
  • Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD Accessibility Review

    There are two things I’ve come to accept when doing accessibility reviews: Remasters, remakes, and ports rarely, if ever, feature any meaningful accessibility improvements. 2. Nintendo IPs aren’t really doing the most when it comes to accessibility. Combine the two and what do you get? The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD, an enormously frustrating […]

    Can I Play That?5 minute read
  • That Isn’t Mii

    By Bobby K. Miitopia for Nintendo Switch came out recently, and everyone’s having a great time, including myself! It’s a quirky game about casting whoever you want in the standard roles that come with a fantasy RPG. Your dog can be the princess, your neighbour can be a baby and your ex can be the […]

    Can I Play That?5 minute read
  • How I Play Video Games While Hyperfixating

    By Latonya Pennington Hyperfixation aka “hyperfocus” to some psychologists is when you’re so intensely focused on something that you tune out everything else for hours at a time. Although this term is commonly applied to people with autism or ADHD, people with mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder can also hyperfixate. It […]

    Can I Play That?5 minute read
  • Gaming Privilege Checklist – Screen Reader Friendly Version

    Characters that look like me are usually not excluded for “historical accuracy.” In character creation, I can always find my skin tone. Demographic markers I can relate to (disability, ethnicity, sexual orientation) are not problems that need to be fixed in the game’s story. I have many choices for hairstyles in character creation when making […]

    Can I Play That?1 minute read
  • Isolation, Loneliness, and Aloy – A Hard of Hearing Gamer’s Connection to Horizon Zero Dawn

    By Melanie Ashford When I sat down to play Horizon Zero Dawn, the first thing I did was check the menu and switch the captions on. It’s my favorite thing about gaming — accessibility is everywhere across the industry these days, and uncaptioned games are now a rarity. I suffer from moderate-severe hearing loss, and […]

    Can I Play That?5 minute read
  • Astro’s Playroom — Mobility Review

    Guest review by Bobby. Find him on Twitter @WheelyBadTweets. Astro’s Playroom is a free game, pre-installed to every PlayStation 5 console. Whilst initially awestruck by the game, it didn’t take very long to see why Sony’s catchy ‘For the Players’ tagline is an admirable slogan built on a history of gaming icons. Yet, in practice, […]

    Can I Play That?4 minute read
  • Can I Play That’s 2020 Accessibility Awards

    So many incredible games have been released this year with many of them making massive strides in accessibility. On top of that, we’ve got developers and studios being more vocal than ever in their commitment to making accessible games, and streamers and game journalists showing us every day why accessibility matters so very much. So […]

    Can I Play That?1 minute read
  • Xbox Series X — Q & A with Microsoft’s Brannon Zahand

    With the launch of next-generation gaming upon us, we at Can I Play That? have been waiting in anticipation for what this generation means for inclusive gaming. Over the last few years, we’ve seen publishers and developers alike make new innovations in the way everyone can play.  Microsoft hasn’t been subtle about its enthusiasm for […]

    Can I Play That?4 minute read

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