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  • The Sims 4 represents neurodiversity in High School Years DLC

    The Sims 4 High School Years includes a new Sim attribute called Socially Awkward which represents neurodiversity in the game.

    Ben Bayliss2 minute read
  • Positive disability representation of recent weeks

    The last few weeks have seen several games adding or featuring elements with positive disability representation.

    Marijn / ActiveB1t2 minute read
  • Gaming with a Facial Difference

    Video games are a great escape from real life, but having a facial difference is something you don’t escape while gaming.

    Marijn / ActiveB1t5 minute read
  • The Perfect Fit to the Puzzle: Roki, Folktales, and Immersive Storytelling

    This deep look into Roki finds that the game's method of storytelling and gameplay makes for an experience that's suited for accessibility.

    Archita Mittra7 minute read
  • That Isn’t Mii

    By Bobby K. Miitopia for Nintendo Switch came out recently, and everyone’s having a great time, including myself! It’s a quirky game about casting whoever you want in the standard roles that come with a fantasy RPG. Your dog can be the princess, your neighbour can be a baby and your ex can be the […]

    Can I Play That?5 minute read
  • Deaf Game Review – Farmer’s Dynasty

    Reviewed on Xbox One Let me start this review by just making it clear that I love this game. I’m a sucker for farming games and I love RPGs, so this game mixing the two, I’m just so happy playing it. I had to clear that up because what follows might make it seem like […]

    Coty Craven3 minute read
  • Deaf Game Review – Below

    Below was a hard game to get into for a few reasons. The first being, as the IGN review said, it can’t decide if it wants to be a dungeon crawler or a survival sim. We also struggled with feeling like you were dropped into a brand new game with a brand new (and really not intuitive) system with […]

    Can I Play That?4 minute read

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