Warframe Abyss of Dagath update adds new accessibility features

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The Abyss of Dagath update to Warframe, coming October 18, adds additional accessibility features and improvements. Such as character highlighting, improvements to conservation, auto melee, and more.

Character Highlighting

Character Highlighting is a feature that allows players to better distinguish themselves, allies, and enemies from each other. To customize the highlights, the accessibility section of Warfame’s options include new settings. With these settings, players can toggle highlights for their player character, allies, and enemies. Players can further customize ally and enemy highlights by choosing the highlight color and intensity. A preview of the highlight visible as the player makes changes, making it easier to picking the right settings. 

The customization for ally highlights also applies to the player character. While not a complete high contrast mode, the highlights should help low vision players more easily distinguish characters. By adding customization to the highlight system it will be very beneficial for color blind players as well.

Settings for ally highlights also apply to conservation targets, which will make them easier to distinguish from the landscape. Which brings us to our next topic of improvements to the conservation activity.

Conservation improvements

Conservation, a non-combat activity involving tracking and capturing wildlife in Warframe, also receives additional accessibility improvements. Starting with the advanced map, the animal’s name appears when hovering over the trail icon. Trail icons also use the animal’s silhouette, a feature included in Echoes of Duviri. Selecting a Trail Start Point on the map spawns a waypoint marker. This marker persists even when players don’t have their Tranq Rifle equipped.

Nearby Trail Start Points are visible on the minimap when players have the Tranq Rifle equipped. To avoid visual clutter only one icon appears per animal. Holding the Tranq Rifle also highlights Trail Start Points with markers. These are visible from 20 meters away, or 50 meters when looking through the scope. Trail Start Points also glow similarly to footprints when looking through the scope.

Footprint visibility is improved, to make it easier to see and follow tracks. Diamond markers are visible through the Tranq Rifle scope for key checkpoints in the path. When completely lost, interacting with the Trail Start Point triggers a highlight in the map around the last found section of tracks.

Audio and visual cues from the Tranq Rifle play more frequently the closer a player is to their target. A flashing paw icon guides players in the direction of the animal when looking down the scope.

Auto melee

Repeated button presses are a thing of the past with Auto Melee in Warframe. With Auto Melee, players keep swinging the weapon as long as they hold down the melee button. This mechanic doesn’t replace the normal melee swings, but is an addition to the current system. Combos are also still possible while using Auto Melee. Auto melee doesn’t work on thrown melee weapons, like glaives and Wolf Sledge as they use the same hold action.

Additional features

Additionally there are some tweaks to the user interface. The pause menu shows buffs and debuffs, and hovering over their icons will show players the name. When available, descriptions are visible too. It will take some time before all descriptions are available. Apparently, there are quite a lot of them in the game. Any special traits of a weapon will be easier to find out, being visible in the Upgrade Arsenal screen.

The new Update History screen helps players keep track of changes in Warframe updates. It shows highlights, links to patch notes and tutorials, and new items of the update. Players encounter this screen the first time they start a game after an update. Players can also find it above the Nightwave button when paused, and in a banner over the News console.

The developer workshop article on the Warframe forums also includes some short videos showcasing the features. Short video descriptions provided as well. It certainly seems the accessibility of Warframe will improve for many players when Abyss of Dagath releases later this month.

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