PlayStation 5 accessibility features like Copilot and UI haptics now available

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The system update for PlayStation 5 we reported on earlier with several accessibility features is now available for a players. This system update adds a feature similar to Copilot, and haptic feedback for system UI to the PS5.

Second Controller for Assistance

PlayStation’s version of Copilot, called Second Controller for Assistance, is now available for all PS5 players. They can enable this feature in the controller section of the accessibility menu. When enabled, players can select a second controller to act as an assist controller. Once again the news post on Playstation.Blog tells us the feature is available when your main controller is a DualSense, DualSense Edge wireless, or a PS5-supported third-party controller. This is expected to include the Access controller as well when it releases later this year.

Like Copilot, Second Controller for Assistance allows players to use two controllers as one, for collaborative or assisted play. With an adaptive controller setup, a player could use the parts of a controller they are able to use, combined with an adaptive controller such as PlayStation’s own Access controller.

System UI haptic feedback

The second accessibility feature added in the system update is haptic feedback for the system UI (user interface). Like Second Controller for Assistance, this feature is in the controller section of the accessibility menu. The feature adds haptic feedback to sound effects on certain events in the UI of the system. Think of events like moving focus, scrolling to the bottom of a section, checking a box, or receiving notifications.

Haptic feedback like this is especially helpful to players who are unable to clearly see or hear the UI. This extra channel of feedback can be helpful to players with cognitive disabilities as well. The controllers supported by this feature are the DualSense controller, DualSense Edge controller, and PS VR2 Sense controller.

Remote Play

New in the blog post is the announcement of additional supported devices for PS Remote Play. The Remote Play app is now also available for devices running Android TV OS 12. Two devices specifically mentioned are Chromecast with Google TV (4K model) and the Sony Bravia XR A95L TV, but it should work on other devices as well. For certain players Remote Play can increase the accessibility of the PlayStation 5, simply by allowing them to play in a more suitable setting for their needs.

Other features we reported from the beta include some ease of use updates, such as searching for games within your library. Social features and game help cards see improvements as well, as well as support for 3D-audio and larger M.2 SSDs. There are several improvements to the PS App for iOS and Android as well, more details about that are available in the news post on Playstation.Blog.

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